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Murdered Soul Suspect My Life Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect My Life Guide

My Life is a side case in Murdered: Soul Suspect that helps you get to know the main character a bit more. Basically you find the points and you get a brief flashback to his life. This guide will help you find all the reveal points as you play the game. Let’s get started.

My Life

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Murdered Soul Suspect My Life

These do not start until after you get out of the apartment and are heading for the church.

My Life Reveal 1 – After you get out of the apartment you can see a reveal point to the right. Reveal the point and you will get your first My Life event.

My Life Reveal 2 – Right before you go to the church look on the dock to the right for another reveal point. The flashback is Julia and you taking a picture together.

My Life Reveal 3 – Once you are in the church go up to the alter go another reveal point. This flash back is to when he got married to Julia.

My Life Reveal 4 – While in the police station enter the jail and enter the cell with the ghost inside. Go through the wall to the next cell and reveal the life point. This is a flashback of when he was arrested.

My Life Reveal 5 – While still in the police station go past the jail cells to the morgue. Inside you can check your body for a life point.

My Life Reveal 6 – Still in the police station when you are on the second floor head to the exit. Up there near the wall you can see the reveal point. Check it for a flashback of Baxter choking you.

I seem to be missing one still. I thought maybe in the graveyard but I couldn’t found one there. If you know where the last one is leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. The last one is in town in an area that may or may not be the same area you meet the ghost girl for the first time.

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