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Murdered Soul Suspect Shipyard Park Case Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Shipyard Park Case Guide

On your way to the church you will run into a woman crying and she will give you a case. She doesn’t remember much but she does remember Monohansett. This guide will help you find all the clues and ace the case on your first try. Let’s get started.

Shipyard Park

Murdered Soul Suspect Shipyard Park Case

The question is how did the lady at the beach die? The search area is right around here so we will start there.

Clue 1 – Right near her is a news paper you can reveal and if you inspect it you will get your first clue.

Clue 2 – Right behind her is another reveal spot that has some candles you can get as a clue.

Clue 3 – Leaning against the picnic table you can find a picture to reveal.

Clue 4 – Near the rowboat behind the lady you can find some flowers to reveal. Inspect them for a note and a clue.

Clue 5 – Lastly there is a bunch of crosses sticking out of the ground a reveal spot near there. Reveal it and inspect the memorial for another clue.

Now that you have all the clues you can attempt to solve the case. Pick the newspaper, the flowers and the framed picture. Turns out a steamer ship was sinking and she went out on a rowboat to save people. Once her rowboat tipped she couldn’t swim so she drowned while trying to help the people in the water. After you go explain this to her she will be much happier and now she has closure.

That will end this guide, check back soon for more!

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