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Murdered Soul Suspect War Room Case Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect War Room Case Guide

After you get into the police station you will have to investigate the war room. You will be searching for any new leads on the murder case. This guide will help you get all the clues and complete the case on your first try. Let’s get started.

War Room

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Murdered Soul Suspect War Room Case

Once you regain control of your character you will be able to search for clues. There are 11 clues in the case.

Clue 1 – There is a giant board with pictures of women on it that is your first clue.

Clue 2 – Check the map in the room to get the murder locations clue.

Clue 3 – On the desk with the computer monitor you can find a missing poster you can inspect.

Clue 4/5 – On the desk with the phone you can poltergeist there are some pictures and a book you can check.

Clue 6 – There is a smaller board with waned posters on it that you can also inspect for a clue.

Clue 7 – Use the fan on the table to blow some papers off and get the autopsy report.

Clue 8 – Possess the officer holding the clip board and and use the peek function. Pick the bottom one, preliminary forensics for another clue.

Clue 9 – Possess Rex and eavesdrop on his call to get Rex’s frustration.

Clue 10/11 – Take over the officer at the computer and influence him to use the missing persons flier. Once he does that use peek and click the button on both of the boxes to get two clues.

After that you can complete the investigation and go look for the witness in the holding cells. Once you get to the holding cells talk to the witness and she will tell you to take out the camera. Just walk under it and hit it with a poltergeist to disable it. Wait for her to get out and when she stops moving talk to her.

You will have to escort her through a few police in order to beat the case. The first two are simple just poltergeist something near them and she will move. The third one is the printer across from her, for me it didn’t have an orange light. After that you will go up to the second floor and two cops will be chatting. You will need to poltergeist the coffee machine and the printer that is near the two officers. Once you get into Baxter’s office pick the mug shot when you need to make a choice.

Baxter’s Office

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Baxter's Office

After the cut scene you will have to find the book and this starts another case.

Clue 1 – Check the phone for a message and a clue.

Clue 2/3 – Check the two pictures on the wall near his desk for two clues.

Clue 4 – Check the book on the table near the couch for a clue.

Clue 5 – Check his bookshelf for a clue.

Clue 6 – Check the trophy on the fill cabinet for another clue.

Clue 7 – Talk to the girl and she will check the voice mail for you and get you another clue.

Clue 8 – To the right on the gun rack you can find a spot on the wall to analyze. Use matches gun rack, stain and imprint to get another clue.

Clue 9 – Inspect the other side to find a switch and then talk to the girl.

After that get her past the one officer and talk to her to complete the police station. Once outside use the mother’s note.

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