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Natural Doctrine Guide: Corridor Of The Beast Guide

Natural Doctrine Guide: Corridor Of The Beast Guide

It’s been a long journey through Sodom but you have finally arrived at the Corridor Of The Beast. This area has the first real boss fight of the game and the music suits it. This guide will help you bring the Beast down with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Taking Out The Minotaur Natural Doctrine

My Geoff was level 12 for this battle.

They suggest you run around and battle it with range. I’ve never been one to run around and back out of a fight though so let’s face it head on. Put Geoff and the Aizen up front and make sure Geoff constantly has Steel Protection on him. He will likely do around 150 to Geoff per turn but if you have over 200 hp on Geoff with Steel protection on you will never die if you keep him healed. Make sure to put Venom Fang on the Minotaur when you get a chance because that will really speed things up for you. Outside of that though keep Geoff in Guard mod on the off chance he gets critted. Bring a potion Zeke so he can have some use in this battle. Do not bring Zeke into the front lines until the Minotaur is below 500 hp and you can finish him in one turn.

Keep the support crew of Anka, Tatyana, Nebula and Mel behind Geoff and Aizen. This way any time he makes a move he will be shot at with your gunners and Nebula will always be close enough to heal if need be. If Geoff is fine and buffed use Pluton arrow with Nebula. At about 50% HP the Minotaur will start using Quick turn to go first. Don’t worry he can’t use it twice in a row so if you keep your front line topped off he won’t be you with it.

He will eventually use Bull charge that does around 200 damage. As long as he does it to Aizen or Geoff this is not a problem. Once he is below 500 hp bring Zeke up and use all your best attacks on him and finish the fight. This turned out to be a traditional stank and spank battle. After you win break down the walls near the exit and a few Skeletons will spawn. Just keep your squishy guys back and heal up anyone who is low before you break down the wall and these guys are no problem.

Once the Skeletons are dead grab your chests and head out.

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