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Natural Doctrine Guide: Death Gorge Guide

Natural Doctrine Guide: Death Gorge Guide

After avoiding the enemy at the Giza Battlefield you will have to get through Death Gorge. This is the first time you actually HAVE to fight Skeletons in Natural Doctrine. This guide will get you through the Gorge and out the other side with no trouble at all! Let’s get started.

Escaping Death Gorge In Natural Doctrine

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Geoff should be using a sword and shield in this battle. Bring Steel protection, Heal and Cradle with Nebula and the rest of the skills are up to you. I would bring at least one potion on every character though in case they get put in a bad spot. Long shot on your gunners is also very useful.

When you first arrive at the Gorge there will be no enemies alive. Once you go through the doorway at the bottom of the ramp the Skeletons will spawn. Put Zeke and Geoff right before the doorway and stack the other guys behind them. Once you go through the door the Skeletons will spawn. Use Anka and Tatyana to shoot the Skeletons down below near the lever. Zeke and Geoff will take the fight directly to the Skeletons. Nebula should stick back as support and ranged magic damage; remember healing Skeletons will damage them. After your first attack there should be one or two Skeletons remaining. Bring your gunners in and double team any Skeletons left. Grab the two chests but leave the lever for now. You can see that a gate blocks the next door way. The lever opens that gate so place Zeke in front and use Geoff to open the gate. Be sure to put Steel protection on Zeke because he isn’t as tanky as Geoff.

After you hit the lever some enemies will spawn behind you and start to chase you down. You cannot kill Mel, her Golem or Ernestine. If you get a shot on the gunners as they are chasing you go ahead and kill them. After the gate is opened start to move everyone through it. Once you move through more Skeletons will spawn so keep Zeke in front until Geoff can rejoin the battle. Have Zeke attack the Skeletons at the bottom of the ramp and use your gunners to take out any gunners in range. Zeke very likely won’t be able to kill both the Skeletons on his own so use Nebula’s heal on one to help him out.

With your gunners behind Zeke at the top of the ramp he will receive enough support between turns to take out the melee Skeletons in the way. Keep moving Geoff to your team and keep him in guard mode to prevent him from dying. Have Zeke keep leading the charge and use the gunners to take out anyone they can from afar. If any of the characters that can’t die get to close use Cradle on them to prevent them from being hit. Expect the Feste gunners to be a constant thorn in your side for Geoff unless you kill them. I’m not saying that you have to kill them but if you don’t remember they might turn their attention to someone who can’t take a hit. Just be ready if you don’t stop them. Also be sure to remember that Mel also has a gun as her weapon. I was able to escape before she even joined the fight but keep that in that back of your mind.

Once you make it to the green square with a couple of your characters your whole team will run and you will beat the mission.

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