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Natural Doctrine Guide: Deserted Mine Guide

Natural Doctrine Guide: Deserted Mine Guide

Once you get through the Death Gorge in Natural Doctrine you will arrive at the Deserted Mine. You will have to deal with more Skeletons here as well a few floor traps. This guide will help you navigate the mine and get you to the other side. Let’s get started.

Escaping Death Gorge In Natural Doctrine

Same set up as last time. Geoff needs to bring a sword and shield and bring long shot and your gunners. Heal, Steel protection and Cradle on Nebula.

Once you move about two squares in the Skeletons will pop up to attack you. Move to the second square with Geoff, Zeke, Tatyana and Anka and use any buffs before you spawn the Skeletons. Have Nebula put Steel protection on Geoff before you move any further also. Have Geoff take the one in front and move Zeke to the one on the side. There will be gunner Skeletons on the bridge so use long shot with Anka and Wound recovery(or Pluton arrow if that does more damage) with Nebula to take two of them down. With Tatyana aim towards the Skeleton Geoff is fighting. Be sure to use an angle that DOESN’T hit Zeke or Geoff. You need Geoff to move forward that way whoever is taking out the second gunner on the bridge isn’t put in a bad spot.

Both Geoff and Zeke will take a bit of damage from this first exchange so heal one with a potion and use Nebula to heal the other. Use Zeke and a gunner to take out the Skeleton miners while Geoff focuses on killing the enemies on the bridge. Be sure to keep your gunners and Nebula three squares away so they don’t get gunned down. Once you clear out all the Skeletons near where you spawned move Zeke up to Geoff so he can help out. If you can get in range with a long shot or Would heal to take out a gunner do so. If Geoff needs healing use a potion on him. This is also a good time to get Steel protection Zeke if you haven’t already.

After you kill all the Skeletons you can see 5 switches on the floor near a large gate. You need to step on all of them at the same time to open the gate. It doesn’t matter who steps on which one. Once you have all five down you will get a cut scene and the gate will open. Open the chest with someone then use Anka to check out the downed Golem.

I’m not really sure why but you agree to a one on one Golem fight instead of just gunning Mel down and moving on. You don’t control the Golem so use long shot on Anka to damage the Golem from a distance. After that your Golem will move up and fight the enemy Golem. Keep a square away with Anka and just keep the pressure on the enemy Golem for range. If your Golem takes to much damage just toss a potion onto it. After you win the fight Mel joins you, I guess gunning her down wouldn’t have been such a great idea after all.

You can use the Golem to knock down the rusted bridge to get to the escape point. Before you knock it down be sure to heal up and buff though because you will face more Skeletons. Once you are healed and buffed up use the Golem to punch the bridge down. The Skeletons will spawn once you step onto the bridge so lead with Geoff. Have Geoff and the Golem lead the charge while your gunners take out the Skeleton mage and gunner from a distance. To make sure you kill the Skeleton Sorcerer just use Wound recovery on him. Zeke should stick back because he won’t have enough defenses to survive the gunner onslaught.

The Skeletons will attack the Golem but he has enough HP to survive the first barrage of attacks. You should heal him right after with Mel, remember you can’t heal him with Wound recovery. Use Geoff to go one way while the Golem takes the other route. Move you gunners up to support Geoff and the Golem but not close enough that they can take damage. If Steel protection wears off on Geoff get it back on him ASAP. Once there are only about 5 Skeletons left you have basically won the fight.

At this point you can move Zeke up to help out Geoff on the front lines. Keep the gunners and Nebula a couple squares back so they don’t die. Don’t forget about the chest across the bridge! Anka will have to open it since it is locked. After you kill all the Skeletons head to the green square and get out of this place!

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