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Natural Doctrine Guide: Giza Battlefield Guide

Natural Doctrine Guide: Giza Battlefield Guide

After leaving the Orc Camp in Natural Doctrine you will have to fight at the Giza Battlefield. Even for this game the odds are largely stacked against you for this fight. This guide will help you get through the battle and come out victorious!

How To Win At The Giza Battlefield

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Geoff needs to use a shield and have improved guard equipped for this battle. Be sure to bring potions on everyone and Steel protection with Nebula. Don’t forget to change Tatyana’s equipment before the fight.

At the bottom of the hill you can use the switch to close the gate. This will be your priority after surviving the initial onslaught of enemies. Go down to the gate with Geoff and use improved guard first. He is going to take a ton of hits during this part but with improved guard he should be able to handle it. Place Anka in the square next to him and make sure she has an angle out the doorway so she can support Geoff. Expect Geoff to take around 50 damage when he is first attacked. If he takes more heal him with Tatyana but if not use her to take out whichever target is lowest near Geoff.

When you attack with Tatyana put Geoff in guard mode and use Neubla’s steel protection on him as well. Anka can take one enemy out herself with power shot so pick one. With Steel protection on Geoff you need to close the gate before taking out the rest of the enemies. Use Geoff to hit it twice and one the third one just use whoever you can. DO NOT put the squishy characters in the same square as Geoff until the switch has been hit twice already. They will move a gunner up and likely hit one of your ranged fighters before you can close the door. This won’t be a problem they can take a couple of ranged hits. Once the door is closed they can only come up from on direction and Geoff can stand in the way of all of them.

Anka, Tatyana and Nebula will stay towards the top of the hill and attack from there while Geoff moves to the ramp. Nebula should be closer to Geoff so he can use his support spells if you need them. Steel protection is needed only when Geoff is fighting 4 or more so don’t spam it needlessly. I had Tatyana and Anka in the spot Tatyana started at so they could snipe from up top. After you finish of the first wave of enemies more will spawn. Do not ever initially attack Erna, if she dies you lose.

Let the enemies come to you on the hill and if Geoff is missing any HP at this point use a potion on him. They have a few more gunners this time around so move Anka and Tatyana back until they have a shot on the enemy to avoid taking damage with them. Keep Geoff in guard mode until you take down some enemy forces because they will really lay into him for a few turns. Use Anka and Tatyanan to focus down the gunners first. Once the enemy gunners are down they can resume support fire without and fear of losing them. Keep an eye of Geoff’s buff bar, if he is missing Steel protection put it back on him. If either of your gunners take more than one hit move them back immediately and heal them.

Just keep Geoff in guard and improved guard mode until they don’t have very many melee units left. This is a long fight but trust me once they lose about half the melee guys they start to crumble and they can’t out damage your heals. Be sure to use the over head view to know if your shots are going to be obstructed by anything. Erna will eventually join the fight and start hitting you. Just don’t focus her and you won’t kill her. If you get worried about her HP you can heal her to avoid losing this very long battle. Once you have dealt with all the gunner enemies you have won the fight.

Expect your gunner to shoot Erna once or twice after taking down the enemy. If she is really low don’t even bother using your gunners and use focus attacks with Nebula’s Pluton Arrow. After only Erna is left alive you will win the battle and Zeke will finally rejoin your group. Now you will finally have some balance on your team again and not a ton of squish.

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