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Natural Doctrine Guide: Pisces Goblin Mine Guide

Natural Doctrine Guide: Pisces Goblin Mine Guide

After the beginning tutorial in Natural Doctrine you can enter the Pisces Goblin Mine. Starting here will get you a feel for mines and net you a couple of levels in the process. This guide will help you find all the loot and clear out the mine with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Clearing Out The Pisces Goblin Mine

This mine has a difficulty level of C and can be cleared almost 100% around level 2-3. Be sure that everyone has the potion skill slotted in case they get into trouble. There is a troll in the mine that you should really avoid until around level 10. You can hold circle to move quicker and have the enemies turn go by faster.

At the start of the level you only have one route to take so just move down the line. There are 7 Goblins total at the starting area of this mine, 3 gunners and 4 melee units. Move Geoff up to the last square and use guard with him. Do not move him all the way to the edge or else all the gunners will target him. Instead go about halfway through and guard. After you guard with him the Goblins will attack with 4 which Geoff can handle no problem. If you are lucky Anka will kill one before they attack but if not no big deal.

Once Zeke can move bring him up near Geoff and start an attack. I would take out the melee guys first because they like to use more abilities and can hit more often. When Zeke attacks you will be able to move everyone else up to attack as well. Do a triangle formation with your melee guys to maximize damage and keep Anka a square behind for support. This should clear out all of the Goblins in the square in front of you.

After the Goblins die everyone but Anka will move up and they will get attacked. This is fine they can take the damage as long as Anka isn’t up front. After they attack the Goblin gunners should be the only ones left alive. Use Anka and Vasily to take one down while leaving the other two to Zeke and Geoff. Be sure to put Anka in a position where she can hit more than one target. After those Goblins are killed you can leave if you want but first be sure to grab the chest in this area. You need to do it on the first turn before you do any attacking or defending. The chests in this area constantly have lower level rings and Pluton inside.

After you get the chest go over to the switch square and stack up your melee guys there. Once all three are in the square use the switch to reveal a hidden path. Down this path you will have 3 Goblins and a Troll behind a door. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO THE TROLL! He does about 125 per swing and will instantly kill the majority of your team in one shot. Clear out the Goblins and come back later for the Troll and the chest.

Now head to the large wooden door but don’t open it until you have all your melee people there. Behind this door there are 5 Goblins and one is a Shaman. If anyone in your party is below 75% hp don’t risk it and just heal them. Once you open the door split the group up and take out the two sets of Goblins. The Shaman can’t be hit yet so you are going to be hit by him at least once. I managed to kill the shaman with a counter attack but if you don’t just kill him one your next turn. Once he is dead hit the switch and go grab the other chest behind the wall.

After you loot the chest 4 more Goblins will spawn at the exit. Same idea here move forward with the melee and keep Anka back. If someone got hit by the shaman and you still have a potion just use it. Once you start engaging with the Goblins you should use Anka to take out the Shaman ASAP. Once he is dead there will be nothing left to challenge you. Put everyone on the green squares and head out of the mine.

You can re enter mines after you clear them out. I highly recommend you assign skills and gear then re enter for more levels and gear. If not move on to the Serpens Goblin Mine.

Defeating The Troll In The Pisces Goblin Mine

Natural Doctrine Taking Out The Troll

I don’t recommend trying this until you get done with the Orc part of the story. You will need Geoff to use a sword and shield and have the skill Venom Fang equipped. I also recommend Steel protection from Nebula for this battle.

Geoff should be the only one near the cage door when you open it. Make sure he is at full hp and put Steel protection on him. Also use any support skills like Anka’s Rousing support. Once you have everyone buffed up open the door with Geoff. The troll will still hit for a lot even with guard and Steel protection so watch Geoff’s HP constantly.

You want to lure the Troll out a square so you can hit him with all your ranged fighters as well. To do that just walk Geoff back a square and the Troll will follow. Leave guard up on Geoff until the troll comes out so when he hits you it doesn’t kill you. Once he is out heal Geoff and use Venom Fang on the Troll as soon as you can. Zeke can also join the fight at Geoff’s side at this point. Power shots, Pluton arrows and any other strong or long attacks need to be used on the Troll. Burning him down before he can burn you do is the key to beating him. Both Zeke and Geoff can take a hit from the Troll so as long as you keep them at full HP with magic and potions you will win.

After you win you can open the chest inside for a Critical ring(great for either of your ranged characters) and some Pluton. You will still need to escape the mine but after a Troll the Goblins are nothing to you.

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