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Natural Doctrine Guide: Serpens Goblin Mine

Natural Doctrine Guide: Serpens Goblin Mine

The Serpens Goblin Mine in Natural Doctrine is the second mine you can explore at the start of the game. Goblins aren’t the only enemies you will be dealing with in this mine. Use this guide to get in and out without taking to much damage!

Escaping The Serpens Goblin Mine

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Have everyone bring a potion for this battle because the extra enemies hit VERY hard. Zeke will have to sit out the second half of the battle so use him to take hits at first. If you have any rings on Zeke take them off and put them on someone else.

When you first enter the mine there will be nothing between you and the door. Move everyone up to the square right before the door and use Anka to open the door. After she opens the door you will have some Goblins to deal with. Use Zeke and Geoff to deal with the Goblin up front and use guard on Vasily. Anka should focus the Goblins in the square behind the first one but don’t put her to far up. The reason I said use guard with Vasily is so Geoff and Zeke can take the brunt of the damage so you don’t have to spread out your healing early. After you kill the first set of Goblins kill the rest when you can next attack. The chest in the room needs to be opened by Anka because it’s locked.

Obviously you need to step on the switch near the rock wall to open it. When you do this Zeke will stay on it and you lose him for the next part of the battle. Do not step on the switch until you use his potion to heal anyone missing HP. In the next room you will have melee and gunner Goblins to deal with. Basic concept move up with Geoff and Vasily and keep Anka a square behind. Anka can also use the ledge to pick off any melee Goblins down below.

Move Geoff and Vasily to the first gunner and use Anka to take out the other ranged Goblin down below. With all the range Goblins killed Anka can sit up top and pick off the melee ones. Keep your HP as high as possible for this part is a priority because the next enemies will melt your HP regardless of who you are at this point. Use Geoff and Vasily to focus any Goblins that get up close while Anka takes down the melee ones. It’s okay if Geoff or Vasily get below half HP at this point but make sure not both of them fall low. Don’t forget about the chest towards the top of the ramp.

There should be one Goblin miner and a Shaman in the red room. It doesn’t matter if you bring everyone in there or not once you kill the miner all three of your characters end up in there. Once the bugs appear your priority will be running. Keep Geoff closest to the bugs since he can take the most damage and have Vasily and Anka a square ahead of him. DO NOT ATTACK THE BUGS AT FIRST! While they are eating the Goblin corpse they won’t attack you. You need to use this time to get as far away as possible.

Use Geoff’s guard to start a link and keep the whole party moving. When you put a character in a spot use the walls and pillars to disrupt line of sight and reduce damage. After 3 turns of you moving the bugs will also start to move. The big worry is the Trooper. He has acid spit which can hit you three times per turn and can hit everyone in the square. If you keep Geoff in the rear he will be the one taking the damage. As soon as he is hit use a potion on him with someone else. If he gets below 50% hp he moves slower and at 25% you won’t escape. Geoff should be focused on using guard and improved guard but if he’s the only one with a potion left you have to use it. Don’t worry if Vasil or Anka gets hit when they are only a square away from the door, this is acceptable. Geoff should be the last one through!

If the Trooper gets to close he will very likely one shot you. Once you make it back you everyone will chat and you beat the mission.

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  1. The trick to escaping is mostly to use links to move everyone faster. Guarding in the square next to another character or giving a character a potion from anywhere will trigger a linked turn and let you move the linked characters towards the exit faster. On lethal, moving w/ links was the difference between an easy escape with ~1-2 acid splashes, or being completely wiped out…

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