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Natural Doctrine Guide: Sodom Labyrinth Guide

Natural Doctrine Guide: Sodom Labyrinth Guide

After clearing out the Deserted Mine in Natural Doctrine you finally make your way to the Sodom Labyrinth. You will have to deal with multiple Skeleton sorcerers for the first time here. This guide will get you through the Labyrinth and out the other side!

Clearing Out The Sodom Labyrinth In Natural Doctrine

Honestly at this point Geoff should constantly be rolling with a sword and shield because you always need a tank. Bring Heal and Steel protection with Nebula and the rest of his spells are up to you. There are fragile walls in this area so save Anka’s bomb for those.

In the first room you will need to break down the wall to get out. Doing this does not spawn the Skeletons so go ahead and do that whenever you can use Anka.
Buff everyone up then head through the hole in the wall. It will only be a few Skeletons at first but still lead with Geoff. The Skeleton (F) that is on his knees NEEDS to die before you finish your first combo attack. Wound heal, long should, anything you can hit him with use. If he doesn’t die endless Skeletons spawn and they always get to go before your turn. If he doesn’t die basically just hold circle and wait until you die. After he dies wait for your turn to end and you will get a cut scene.

After the cut scene you will have a ton of Skeletons to deal with. Be sure that Geoff has Steel protection and Counter attack on and keep him in the front. Keep the gunners near Geoff but not in the same square so they can support him when the Skeletons inevitably run train on him. Zeke and the Golem should stay out of the front lines because they just can’t take the damage. Nebula should be close enough that he can heal, rebuff or damage the Skeletons. The trick to this part is making sure only Geoff takes damage. With counter attack on he can take out the melee Skeletons when they attack him. If he is below 50% hp and it is his turn use improved guard to stay alive.

After the initial wave dies to counter attack move up a square with Geoff but do not give the Skeletons an opening to get behind him. You will see a couple of walls you can break down but for now just ignore those and focus on the Skeletons. Move your support crew up behind Geoff and use long shot or Wound recovery to take out the Skeleton Sorcerers. Keep your support crew near the wall so the Skeleton gunners don’t try to pick them off. It will be tempting to attack with Geoff when the Skeletons are low but don’t risk it, he is just a tank for this part of the battle. After you kill the Sorcerers have your support crew focus on the gunners.

After you take down most of the Skeletons feel free to Zeke and Aizen up to the front lines with Geoff. When it is only the Skeleton sniper left use a blast charge or Aizen to break down the wall near the chest. Aizen cannot open the chest himself so use someone else to do it. After you get the chest finish off the Skeleton sniper with anyone who is close. If you accidentally kill the enemy sniper it isn’t a big deal because you need to make it to the escape point. Before you leave unlock the chest in the escape point.

Like I said the key to winning is making sure Geoff is the guy taking all the damage. Keep heal healed and buffed and you will survive the storm.

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