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Natural Doctrine Guide: Ursa Goblin Mine Guide

Natural Doctrine Guide: Ursa Goblin Mine Guide

The Ursa Goblin Mine in Natural Doctrine is the first mine you will have to worry about traps in. One wrong step in here means hordes of enemies swarm you and escape becomes impossible. This guide will help you avoid the traps and get out in one piece! Let’s get started.

Finding King Aslan’s Axe In Natural Doctrine

Fighting the Orcs in this level will result in death at the moment. Your team just won’t be strong enough with only 3 fighters so getting the objective is your only concern. Be sure that Nebula has the spell cradle with him when you start the mine.

When you first enter the mine you will notice a ton of tiles on the floor. Hitting ANY of those opens the doors to the Orcs and will result in defeat. You need to get to the door directly across from you and open it to find the battle axe for the mission. The door on the left holds the Orcs and Goblins while the door on the right has a few Goblins and a treasure chest trap. If you want to go into the right area for extra EXP go ahead, it’s only a few Goblins. DO NOT OPEN THE CHEST! It has a good gun but opens the door up for the Orcs.

Work your way over to the center door and avoid all the tiles on the way. Just use the overhead view to be sure you miss them. The door is locked so you will have to use Anka to open it. There are a couple of Goblins behind the door but nothing to worry about. Do not hit the switch because it is another trap. Just make your way up to the battle axe. After you get to the Axe some Gorian will spawn and of course you need to escape. Same general idea as before use Geoff as defense and move the other two ahead of him. Use Geoff’s guard to keep the entire team moving.

Once the Gorian spawn use Cradle on the trooper to prevent him from wrecking you. Use the walls to prevent them from doing the maximum amount of damage to you. Keep your team scattered when they start attacking so they can’t hit everyone. You still have to worry about the tiles on the way out so avoid them still! If anyone takes damage use potions or Pluton magic to heal them. The Trooper will only stay down for a couple of turns but this should be enough for you to escape.

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