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NCAA Football 14 Guide: Road To Glory Tips And Tricks

Road To Glory

Road To Glory in NCAA football 14 has you playing the career of a college football star. This guide will give you a few tips and tricks to keep you at the top of the game. Let’s get started.
NCAA Football 14 Road To Glory Guide

Do Well In High School


This one is pretty important because it gets you extra XP for your college career and helps you play where you want to play. Save before each game and if things start going south reset the game and reload to try again. Remember there are only around 10 games in your high school career so you don’t have as long of a season as you would in college. The higher your stars the better the college and the closer you will be to starter.


Skill juke

You have the option to skip practices which you shouldn’t do. Doing the practices will net you XP and coach trust which can boost you to first string. Try to get the touchdowns because they are worth a lot of points, turnovers on defense. So you know the XP will max at 1000 when you are trying to move up a string so anything after is useless, if you are already first string then the XP can go over 1000.



You have multiple goals throughout your career and season that can net you easy XP. In order to find out what ones you have done and how close you are to completing other ones check the legend score. You can do all of these but some of them are just season goals so you need to pick ones that are similar in order to get more than one done. For a QB I would go for with passing touchdowns and passing yards as well as trying to break any passing records for the school.

Reaction Time

Knocked Over

Reaction time can help you make huge plays by slowing down the field and giving you a couple of seconds to find a good route or good receiver to hit. This can be upgraded by using XP and buying certain skills. You can build the timer back up quickly by doing big plays and scoring touchdowns. When I have a full meter I like to use it so I can use it multiple times per game, doing this though could mean you miss a big play.



This one is really important if you want to be the best at your position. There are two type of skills, career skills and game skills. Career skills are permanent upgrades to any of your major stats or reaction time, game skills will give you a decent boost for a single game. The skills vary from rare to average, the more rare the more expensive and useful. I rarely buy a single game skill and instead wait for rare career skill that I need a purchase that. Even if a rare skill pops up if it doesn’t give you the skills you need then you might want to skip it.

That will end the NCAA Football 14 Road To Glory Guide, if you have a tip leave a comment and we will be sure to add it!

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