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Need For Speed Heat Narrowly Speed By 6 Traffic Vehicles Guide

Need For Speed Heat Narrowly Speed By 6 Traffic Vehicles Guide
Daily Challenges are a rewarding aspect of NFS Heat, one of which is Narrowly Speed By 6 Traffic Vehicles. This Need For Speed Heat guide will tell you how to complete this challenge quickly and easily, as it requires a certain level of speed to complete.

In order to complete Daily Challenges, you first have to activate them. You can go back to your main garage and select either Night Challenges or Day Challenges, you cannot have both active at the same time. It’s a good idea to stick to one type, completing Day events while having Day Challenges activated, before switching to the Night challenges.

This one particular challenge requires that you narrowly speed by 6 traffic vehicles. This cannot be done in most races as few at the beginning feature other traffic. Night Races more frequently feature traffic but this is a Day Challenge so it must be done during the day.

You need to reach high speeds, at least the 100-110 MPH range. Once you have reached that speed, I found it easiest to go against traffic. You need to narrowly miss several vehicles, 6 in total. Don’t crash into the vehicles or it doesn’t count, but you have to be close, within 3-4 feet.

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