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Need For Speed No Limits Guide – How To Drift

Need For Speed No Limits Guide - How To Drift
Drifting will be a key part to victory in your journey through Need For Speed No Limits. Drifting can help you earn cash and charge your nitro to assist in getting victory. Find out how to drift in Need For Speed No Limits here.

How To Drift In Need For Speed No Limits

To drift in Need For Speed No Limits you will have to hold down on the bottom of the screen. This will start drift mode and you will start earning cash and charging your nitro.

You will want to drift on corners and around bends in order to get the most out of a drift. Doing it on a straight away is a good way to either hit a car or a wall. For a more controlled drift, tap the left or right side as you go. For a more tight drift, for long bends or tight corners, hold the left of right side to go longer and further. Keep in mind that when you drift, your opponents might be using boost to catch up to you. I’ve lost some close races by drifting for extra cash like a dummy.

There is a tutorial in game that will teach you how to drift later on, it just takes awhile. You can use the drift to complete your daily missions that involve drifting. Now that you know how to drift, beating most of your opponents will be easy as pie!

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