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Need For Speed No Limits Guide – How To Earn Cash Fast

Need For Speed No Limits Guide - How To Earn Cash Fast
If you want to upgrade your cars and unlock new ones in Need For Speed No Limits you will need alot of cash. There are a few easy ways to earn a extra buck as you are playing through the levels. Check out how to make cash fast in Need For Speed No Limits here!

How To Make Money Fast In Need For Speed No Limits

Obviously as you play, some of the missions will give you bonus cash after you beat them. This isn’t really a fast way but it does help.

Drafting – In missions where you are racing against other cars you can earn ALOT of cash by drafting off of them. To draft you need to be behind an opponent but still decently close. I would give it about 2 car lengths apart and closer to get the draft bonus. You also will need to be going above 100mphs in order to get the bonus. You can seriously need a bonus 1-1.5k per level by doing this, just make sure you still win!

Drifting – This one isn’t as good as Drafting but you can do it without enemy racers being on the level. Any and all corners give you an opportunity to drift for some extra cash. The longer the drift, the more cash you will earn. There are some bends that can keep you drifting for 10+ seconds and net you some serious bonus money. If you do a few drifts each match, you can expect to have some big bucks down the line.

Near Misses – These are exactly what they sound like, near misses on NPC cars. These count on racers and civilian cars. You need to be with half a cars width for it to count, pretty generous actually. Each one of these you get will earn you 100$ and you can easily get 5+ on most missions with civilian cars. My record currently is 14, with racers and civvies.

Oncoming Traffic – In races where you can go into the oncoming traffic lane, you can net some bonus cash as well. This isn’t much bonus cash but you can combine it with Near misses for some money. Be sure to avoid hitting the cars that are coming at you though!

Nitro Rush Levels – These are the levels that I spend my replays on. These are the levels where you boost through the markers and earn 250$ a marker and refill your nitro. These are quick and can earn you $1500-2500 easily. Find one you like and replay it for some good cash.

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