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Need For Speed No Limits – Tips And Tricks Guide

Need For Speed No Limits - Tips And Tricks Guide
Need For Speed No Limits is the new mobile Need For Speed game that just came out. Winning races starts of pretty easy but gets challenging really quick. Check out these Need For Speed No Limits Tips and Tricks.

Need For Speed No Limits Tips And Tricks

Do Your Daily Mission – You can find your daily missions on the top tab, the paper and check mark tab. Here you can earn extra rep and extra gold for good loot crates and black market deals. Most of them just require you to do a couple things in races. when they say nitro for 60 seconds, they don’t mean 60 straight, it’s over the whole day.

Earn Extra Cash In Races – Drift, draft, jump, get close to cars and drive in the oncoming traffic lane. There are so many ways to earn extra money in the races. If you are not actively trying to earn more money in each race you are doing it wrong. The cash will help you get crates and upgrade your cars. Most of these things also net you more nitro boost as well.

Use Your Replays On Cash Levels – I always use my replays on Nitro boost levels because they are easy money. If you are looking for around 2k extra, go to chapter 2 and select the Nitro boost level there. You can earn around 2k on the mission alone and sometimes you get a bonus 1200 or parts, easy money.

Get Your Free Crates Per Day – You can get free classic crates each day. When you start the game you have 5 stored up and can get one every 10 minutes. From there, you will unlock a new crate every 5 hours. You will also unlock new premium crates every 2 days. If you are looking to buy classic crates, save up to the 20k because buying them one by one is not worth it.

Car Series – Car Series are a great way to earn new parts and blueprints. After I got to chapter 3 I focused on the Car Series. I was able to unlock 4 cars and a lot of parts by the time I left there. They will rewards you with cash, gold, parts, and blue prints. I’ve even gotten rare parts from these. They also don’t take much to participate in which is nice.

I am doing this as I go so check back soon for updates!

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