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Need For Speed – Where To Find Police Chases

Need For Speed Where To Find Police Chases
Some of the more exciting elements of Need for Speed have you working with a group of Outlaws completing missions relating to police objectives. This Need For Speed – Where To Find Police Chases guide shows an easy to reach location of a single squad car that spawns regularly, in the same place and is the perfect target to abuse if you’re hoping to complete some of the missions for the Outlaw.

Currently the best location I have found is at South Port, South of the Navy Pier. Under the freeway a single police cruiser spawns, waiting on the side of the road. The image below provides further details on where the car should be located.

Need For Speed Where To Find Police Chases 2

In the rare occasion that the police car is not in the area, there’s a good chance it recently chased a player or has yet to respawn. I tested it 4-5 times, having the car chase me, losing the police and then returning to the spot. As long as you’re not in the immediate vicinity, you should find it respawns within a minute or two.

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