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Neverwinter Guide: Earning Extra Astral Diamonds Guide

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In Neverwinter Astral Diamonds are one of the most important forms of currency you can get without paying real money. They can be used for high level mount training, high level equipment, extra companions and runestones. Want to know how to get loads of Astral Diamonds? This guide will help you earn them as you level and give you an edge at the end of the game! Let’s get started.

Astral Diamonds

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Neverwinter Earning Astral Diamonds Guide
There are a few different ways to earn diamonds throughout the game and most of them can be done from a very early level. If you know a method I missed leave me a comment and I will add it! Also for those of you who don’t know you can convert your rough diamonds into normal ones in your inventory.

Method 1 – Daily Quests
There are a few daily quests you can do that will net you a pretty good sum of astral diamonds per day. The quests will want you to play a pvp match, do a certain dungeon, do a certain skirmish, and do a foundry quest(player created content). As you get higher level these start to earn you more Astral Diamonds but you also have to do more stuff, such as do two battles or two foundry quests. All you need to do it press L and look in the bottom right corner to see what daily quests you are eligible for, you can also turn them in on this screen as well.

Method 2 – Crafting
This one is really easy because all you have to do is click and the game will do the rest for you. Once you get to the higher levels of the Leadership crafting skill you can send out your mercenaries to get Astral Diamonds. It isn’t much but if you can send 9 of them off on a 2 hour quest for 200 diamonds each that will get you 1800 in two hours, and it can be done multiple times a day. On occasion you can even get a rare quest that nets you an even bigger bonus to the Astral Diamonds so be sure to keep and eye out for that.

Astral Diamonds

Method 3 – Invocation Skill
Once you get this ability it can be used every hour but you can only get Astral Diamonds from it once a day. The more days you do it consistently the more you will earn. All you have to remember is to get on once a day and click this spell to make sure you earn the maximum amount of Astral Diamonds.

Method 4 – The Auction House
You can earn a ton of Astral diamonds on the Auction house by selling items at a good price. First off you need to make sure people want it, a green that isn’t good won’t likely sell so sometimes it isn’t even worth checking. If you think it is worth something check the Auction house to see if anyone else has one up. If there are none up then you can set the price, be reasonable, if you see some of the same item then just undercut them and yours should sell first. The rarer the item is the more Astral Diamonds you can make off of it, dyes also sell well.

That will end the Neverwinter Earning Astral Diamonds Guide, if you have a quick method of getting Diamonds leave a comment and we will add it!

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