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New 5 Star Ditto Den In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Location

New 5 Star Ditto Den In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Location
The Isle of Armor DLC is out and with it, a brand new Ditto Den. This New 5 Star Ditto Den In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Location guide will tell you where to find the brand new Ditto Max Raid Battle, that so far, has proven to be nearly guaranteed a Ditto every time.

Fans of competitive Pokemon or breeding are still searching for that perfect IV Ditto, or even a 5/6 would be fine for some. It was quite challenging in Sword & Shield as the Ditto den was filled with normal type Pokemon, making it very rare and hard to farm. However, a brand new method is now available in a much more reliable Ditto Max Raid Battle Den.

New 5 Star Ditto Den In Pokemon Sword & Shield

It’s located on Ditto Island, a special new island introduced in the Isle of Armor DLC that is home to a lot of overworld Ditto spawns. It is also home to two different Pokemon dens. One of which is the new method to farming Ditto for high IV breeding.

I discovered the island during the cloudy weather effect, but have tried it on other weather effects and it seems much the same. In 10 different attempts, I was able to encounter a Ditto on each attempt. It may not be a complete guarantee, but it is near enough 100%. I will continue tests. About 70% of the Ditto I found were 5 star, although not all were the yellow rarity stamp.

I have yet to try the other den but this den has worked perfectly so far.

Ditto Den In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Location

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