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NEWEST Meloblox Codes

Meloblox is one of the newest and most exciting games to come to Roblox. This lists of NEWEST Meloblox Codes features ALL of the codes currently released, that you can redeem in-game in exchange for some free items and goodies.

Meloblox has been in development at Roblox for a couple of years now but just recently, the game launched into a free-to-play state. This means everyone with a Roblox account can now dive into the new creature hunting, quest completing experience either alone or alongside friends.

NEWEST Meloblox Codes

As is quite common with Roblox games, Meloblox uses a code system to incentive players to like and share the game to increase its popularity on the Roblox platform. As more likes and interactions are made, more codes are released. Codes come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the rewards are always worth it, considering they are totally free!

These are all active codes as of today, April 25th, 2022. We will be monitoring and updating as new codes are released.

CODE: MeloHype9562
Effect: Using this code gives you a Marshmallow Stick that you can equip and use in-game straight away!

CODE: MeloRelease
Effect: Using this code will give you an awesome +20% increase to all Experience Points earned for a total of 30 minutes.

CODE: Melo5kLikes
Effect: This code was given out after reaching 5,000 Likes. This is similar to the other code. Using this code in-game will give you another huge boost of 20% increase to Experience Points earned.

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