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Ni No Kuni 2 Side Quest Guide

Ni No Kuni 2 Side Quest Guide
Ni No Kuni 2 is filled with rewarding Side Quests that promise new Citizens for your kingdom and other valuable rewards. This Ni No Kuni 2 Side Quest Guide will list all of the Side Quests we’ve discovered so far, including information on where to find them and how to complete all of the objectives.

Ni No Kuni 2’s Side Quest system is very user friendly and accessible. The vast majority of objectives are simply following the blue objective marker to the next location. These quests are simple to complete, and very difficult to get lost or confused. As such the majority of quests listed below are very basic, but knowing the location is key.

Ni No Kuni 2 Side Quest Guide

001 Auntie Marthas Scrubber
002 Tops Marks For Trying
003 Munokhoi, the Shy Pirate
004 A Favor For Nu Bi
005 Hang On, Hoi Den
006 Pi Chi, the Skillful Seamstress
007 Persha, A Maid Like No Other
008 Li Li, The Trouble Genius
009 Gao Jia, The Sullen Soldier
010 Bai Gon, The Grizzled Veteran
011 Min Ti, The Sharp Shooter
012 Fai Do, The Downbeat Armorer
013 Yung Mein, The Trainee Guard
014 Tabbias, The Trusting Traveler
015 Wanted: Exemplary Armor
016 Wanted: A Well Good Weapon
017 A Gift for Gao Jia
018 Chi Pi, The Master Carpenter
019 Ah Chu, The Caring Blacksmith
020 Yu Kan, The King Teacher
021 Fitch, The Friendly Blacksmith
022 Long Mein, Ardent Guardsmen
023 Hau Lings Fall From Grace
024 Miss Hennys Misfortune
025 Alice, AKA Mini Martha
026 Muuurielll
027 The Hard Nosed Huntress
028 Tales Of Derring-Do
029 High-Speed Hot Streaks
030 The Seeds Of Righteousness
031 Bandits At The Border
032 Baby Higgledys Big Adventure
033 Higgledy Hide And Seek
034 Going At It With Goldpaw
035 Fun With Fungi
036 Against The Grain
037 Tiller, Long-Distance Rower
038 Sick of Sandals
040 Bao Wao the Street Trader
041 Ringing Around
042 Daddy Come Home
043 Filippos, the Novice Hunter
044 Pontus Ocean Of Knowledge
045 Glaucus The Ambitious Angler
046 Thaumas, the Suave Sorcerer
047 Peleus, the Amiable Armorer
048 A Career Cut Short
049 Proteus, the Gloomy Jeweler
050 Triton, the Honest Scholar
051 Speio, Priestess in Training
052 Helena, the Hearty Hunter
053 Lycorias, the Doubtful Guard
054 Hansel, the Fanciful Gardener
055 A Secret Sweet Tooth
056 Unfun Fungi
057 The Way to a Mans Heart
058 The Best Seafood In Seatown
059 By Hook Or Crook
060 Who Is The Big Boss?
061 Fangs for Everything
062 Skirmish With The Seas Finest
063 Tasty treats Among The Trees
066 Tritons Lost Treasure
069 Daphne Glaucus Biggest Fan
070 Sense And Sensibilities
071 Thetis Medicinal Merperson
072 Chip The Child Prodigy
073 Oz Wants Out
074 Prices Delayed Delivery
075 Kent The Magical Ore Analyst
076 An Upgrade For Andy
077 Kimmy The Cool Headed Cop
078 Bot On The Run
079 Candy The Spirit Seeker
081 Brodies Last Big Job
083 Lady Forget A Lot
084 Head To Head In Hydropolis
085 Green Fingers Idle Hands
086 Bulking Up Batu Style
087 Do You Believe In Higgledies
088 A Matter Of Taste
089 The Cutting Edge
090 Tyran 4 Evermore
091 The Great Higgledy Hunt
092 Big Unveiling In Broadleaf
093 New Model Armor
094 Seeking Superior Weapons
095 Da Xing The Haughty Herbalist
096 Yip Yip
097 Mylas Big Adventure
098 Ladies Love Fabulous Phorkys
099 Hipponoe The Shy Artist
100 Sybilla The Decisive Diver
101 Drew The Capable Cop
102 Eli The Dapper Designer
105 Francine The Impresario
106 The Worlds Best Buyer
108 Wolf Poker Incarnate
109 Return To Sender
110 Drakon In Distress
111 Three Minute Steak
113 Energy For Everyone
114 Screw Loose
116 The Secrets Of The Sauce
118 Building Up To An Attack
120 Rocking The Boats
122 Ya Pi The Proud Soldier
123 The Goddess Of Good Luck
125 Treys Missing Memolith
126 Jared The Elite Officer
127 Alexis The Hard Nosed Cop
128 Norbert The Future Historian
129 Klaus The Master Merchant
130 One-Eyes Mercenary
132 Grimms Determination
133 Ritters Got Tailors block
134 Pollution Solution
135 The Misunderstood Magician
136 Kitty The Bubbly Baker
137 The Peoples Patissiere
138 Marlene Good Girl Gone Bad
139 Lady Trudy Charming Farmer
141 The Tainted Wyvern
142 The Perfect Present
144 The Dark Side Of Development
145 Fresh Fish Suppers For All
146 Time For Tea

We are continuing to update this Ni No Kuni 2 Side Quest Guide with more Side Quests as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates.

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