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Ni No Kuni Guide: Al Mamoon Side Quest Guide

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Once you arrive in Al Mamoon you can do some new side quests. The range from killing things to mending broken hearts. This guide will help you find them all and do them all with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Al Mamoon Side Quest Guide

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If I missed any leave a comment and I will give you credit.

Al Mamoon Side Quest An Overdue Loan:
Head to the left fountain in the city. There you will find a boy who won’t give the other boy his picture book back. You will need to get kindness to complete the quest. Head back to the banana stand and across from that is an old man with kindness. Get it and you can go complete the quest.

Al Mamoon Side Quest Bothersome Boneheads:
Speak to the woman in the yellow shawl. She will ask you to help her supply lines out in the desert. The boneheads are the skeleton looking creatures outside town. You will have to find and kill 10 of them for her.

Al Mamoon Side Quest A Lover’s Lunch Basket:
Next to the woman with the yellow shawl is one with a white shawl. Talk to her and she will ask you to deliver her husband some lunch in the Golden Grove.

Al Mamoon Side Quest A Half-Hearted Hubby:
Talk to the man with the green coat and the brown backpack. He needs some enthusiasm. I already had some extra from Ding Dong Dell so I just used that on him to complete the quest. Head to the grove and once you are there check the map for the blue dot. Go there and give the guy the lunch. Head back to town and get your reward.

Al Mamoon Side Quest The Sheikh of Spice:
This is a guy with a yellow turban and orange jacket. You need to get him some enthusiasm as well. Go speak with the girl selling rugs and you can get some from her.

Now you need to get some spices out of him for a different quest. He needs a Turmeric root and pouches of spicy seeds. The root is gotten from the bounty quest A Precious Root. The seeds are gotten from around the volcano. Just head up to the area and loot the shining spots in the over world.

Al Mamoon Side Quest Ice Cream Dreams:
Talk to the guy with the blue turban and he will need some courage. Head to the large woman in the yellow shawl yelling into the street. She will give you courage and you can complete the quest.

Al Mamoon Bounty Side Quest Babana Thief:
This is a single enemy fight. Use Oliver and Gogo against him. With Oliver just use the pulse ability and Gogo will heal and use magic. As usual keep a good distance and this fight is easy.

Al Mamoon Bounty Side Quest A Precious Root:
Since he is a tree you will of course want to use your fire spell on him. Keep the distance and light him up.

Al Mamoon Side Quest Desert Creatures:
This one is after the Temple of Trials. You will need to capture Turbandit and a Green Buncher. They are both in the desert so just farm them until you can get them with Esther.

Al Mamoon Side Quest Notes from a Volcano:
Once you return from Old Smokey this quest unlocks. The guy who lost his notebook in Ding Dong Dell has done it here as well. Speak to him to get the quest. Head to the base of Old Smokey. Once you go from normal ground to the lava ground check the dead trees around and one of them has the journal.

Al Mamoon Bounty Side Quest Magmadness:
This one is inside of Old Smoky. Use Sid and Gogo on her to beat her quickly. Water attacks wreck her.

Al Mamoon Bounty Side Quest A Duel in the Desert:
This guy will have two extra units with him as well so take them out first. I used my Sid’s bubble bath move to kill the two weaker units first. After that I just wailed on the main unit to end the fight.

Al Mamoon Bounty Side Quest Merchants’ Menace:
Take out the Hog goblins first since they are weaker. The best method to beat these guys is to use Oliver and spam Pulse. This will keep them knocked over and as long as you keep your distance they won’t kill you. They might hurt Esther a lot so be sure to heal her as need be.

Al Mamoon Side Quest A Boy and His Birds:
This quest opens up after you meet with the queen of Al Mamoon. Speak with the quest giver and he will ask you to find his three missing birds. The first bird is near the fountain by the inn. You will need to use Nature’s Tongue on him to get him to fly back.

The second bird is also near the milk fountains by the palace. Use the nature spell again to get him to fly home.

The last bird is in the item shop. Look on the windowsill and you can speak with the bird and beat the quest.

I will check back for more quests after I progress in the story.

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