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Ni No Kuni Guide: Castaway Cove Side Quest Guide

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The next town in Ni No Kuni is Castaway Cove. It isn’t a very big town but there are still plenty of side quests to do. This guide will help you find them all and complete them all in no time at all! Let’s get started.

Castaway Cove Side Quest Guide

Oli Boy

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide A Fisherman’s Woe:
This quest requires you to give a fishermen some courage. Go talk to the shirtless guy on the boat and you can get some courage from him. Return it to the quest giver for a reward.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide A Snazzier Swimsuit:
The quest giver wants you to go and get her some new material for a swimsuit. You need to kill the Floret monsters with Frostbite. I had to make it so Esther wouldn’t attack in order to pull this off. The other annoying part of this quest is that those monsters can run as fast as you. If you are a high level and they are running from you try to corner them so they have to run back towards you to escape. After you collect three you can complete the quest.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide The Young Alchemist:
The quest giver wants you to create a Candle Cutter with your alchemy. In order to do this you need to mix and match a flint dagger and a emberstone. After you mix them you can show them to the girl and she will reward you with more Alchemy recipes.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide A Heartless Wife:
After you are able to board the ship this quest opens up. The woman and her husband are looking for a place to put up their shop. The wife requires some kindness so she will quit tormenting her husband. Go grab some from the green dot here. Bring it back and you can beat the quest.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide The Concerned Crab:
Once you have the passage of the ship secured you can talk to a blue crab. His friend got swept up in a wave and he wants you to find him. Once you get your ship head to the cluster of islands south-east. There will be two spots for you to get off. Once is a small island which has a bounty hunt on it. The other is the stretch that has the crab at the end. Head to the end and talk tot he crab.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide Shop Till You Drop:
Head next to the inn and a woman there needs some restraint. Go back down to the docks and you can get some from a boy there. Bring it back and complete the quest.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide A Heartless Wife:
From Castaway Cove head east until you see the gollum blocking an entrance to another area. It is the area directly east of Castaway Cove. kill the hunt then get out because the enemies inside are strong.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Bounty Hunty Guide Rsearcher’s Ruin:
The Gollum is actually kind of hard if you don’t exploit his weakness. For this battle use Esther and use Gogo with Thunderspark. This will should do over 60 damage a hit and only costs 3 mana. Spam this on him while keeping your distance and switching to Oliver to heal when need be.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Bounty Hunt Guide A Starving Sea Monster:
To find the whale you will need to head to the cluster of small islands south-east of Castaway Cover. He is a whale and looks out-of-place in the water. Hubber Blubber is also weak to lightning so use Gogo again. Keep the distance and this is an easy fight.

Castaway Cover Side Quest Guide Bounty Hunt A Greedy Pirate Gang:
From Castaway Cove look south-east to see a large cluster of small islands. The one closest to Castaway cover has the cats on it.

Puss in Bouts has two other units with him. First off focus the cat with the red shit. I forgot his name and killed him to quick. After that focus on Cutpurse. With Mitey I used war cry and cut loose to do a lot of damage to all of them. After Cutpurse is down you can finish off the last cat with no trouble.

I think this is all from this town but I will check back here and there.

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