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Ni No Kuni Guide: Ding Dong Dell Side Quest Guide

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You don’t really get access to any side quests in Ni No Kuni until you reach the first town, Ding Dong Dell. The game breaks you in gently; offering a few very basic and simple to complete quests. The below Ni No Kuni guide: Ding Dong Dell Side Quest Guide will tell you how to obtain each quest in Ding Dong Dell and provide tips on how to complete them quickly.

Ding Dong Dell Side Quests

Ni No Kuni Town

Ding Dong Dell Side Quest Hide and Seek:
After you’ve interacted with the Quest Board you’ll notice a number of flashing blue dots on your map, these are the NPC’s that offer side quests in Ding Dong Dell. The first quest involves using Healing Touch on some kids, after their mother asks you to find them. The first child can be found in the next area of Ding Dong Dell; instead of heading to the Palace look to your right and you’ll notice a doorway protected by a guard. Walk through the doorway to find the first child; don’t forget to use Healing Touch.

To find the second child you’ll need to head back to the quest giver, the mother. You’ll notice a wall behind her with a fish on it, climb up the steps to find the next child. The final child can be located near the Blacksmith. Head towards the Blacksmith and take the nearby stairs on the right, use Healing Touch for a final time and then return to the mother for your reward.

Ding Dong Dell Side Quest A Splash of Color:
The second quest in Ding Dong Dell has you finding flowers and spring water for the towns cat. This is probably the easiest of the side quests in Ding Dong Dell, simply head into the Over World and search any of the shining areas on the map. They are scattered throughout the Over World but if you check them all you’ll get ingredients and items for the side quest.

Ding Dong Dell Side Quest A Safe Hiding Place:
Another simple quest in Ding Dong Dell, and another from a cat. This time she has lost her earring. Head towards the Palace and you’ll notice a large fountain, look to the left of the fountain and you’ll notice a small pot leaning up against the wall. Search the pot to locate the earring and then return to the cat to get your reward.

Ding Dong Dell Side Quest Bounty Hunt Vegetable Thief
This is the only side quest in Ding Dong Dell that involves some actual combat. Once you’ve collected the quest head into the Over World and check your map for a blue dot. Once you arrive at the dot you’ll be confronted by some Gruffians; it’s a pretty simple fight but here’s some tips if you’re struggling. Defeat all the small enemies first and then turn your attention to the boss battle, make sure to defend when he uses Howl and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

I’m not sure if that is the last one for the area or not. I will re check after I make it further in the story. If you know of one I missed feel free to leave a comment and I’ll credit your name in the guide. Let’s go heroes!

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