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Ni No Kuni Guide: Hickory Dock Boss Guide

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In order to save the cat king you need to defeat Hickory Dock in the sewers. While he isn’t that hard of a boss you will want to know his moves and how to avoid them. This guide will help you beat him down in no time at all!

Hickory Dock Boss Guide

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First off for the fight we will go over Hickory’s moves. As usual he auto attack while he waits to use another move.

His first move is tail spin, this move will confuse Oliver or Mitey so use Lemahl. It does no damage so attack while it is charging.

His second move is a fireball. Like the last move just use Lemahl and attack him. This is a good chance to knock him over.

If you get low be sure to heal up with Oliver. Throughout the fight blue and green orbs will drop so use that to your advantage.

Ni No Kuni Hickory Dock Boss Guide

Start the fight with Mitey since he will be your strongest minion at this time. Just keep attacking normally since you don’t want to blow all your mana on Mitey attacks. Once he uses the move tail spin switch to Lemahl who is immune to confuse and can just keep attacking. Use the psyche up ability and while he is using tail spin you might be able to knock him over.

Once he is knocked over switch to Oliver quickly and hit him with a fireball or wand strike if you are close. This will make the gold orb drop and you can use burning heart. It doesn’t do much damage but it is a free extra attack so why not.

Once he is back up switch back to Mitey and wait for him to use a move again. He has another move that I can’t recall the name of at the moment. when he jumps back and charges a fireball switch to Lemahl again and hit him. I had no problems knocking him over when he charged up his fireball. From there I was able to use psyche up and wreck him before he could get back up.

After the fight you get your wand and the Rat king escapes. Looks like we will be dealing with him in the future.

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