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Ni No Kuni Guide: Moltaan Boss Guide

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In order to stop Old Smokey from erupting you will have to defeat Moltaan. Defeating him ensures that Al Mamoon will be safe from the lava. This guide will help you take the Moltaan out with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Moltaan Boss Guide


His basic attack is a stomp. When he lifts his leg he stomps the ground and out comes a shock wave. Keep your distance to avoid this.

The attack he uses most often is Blazing Breath. This move has fire shooting from his mouth and he does it in an arc in front of him. Use this chance to sneak behind him and attack.

Another move he does when you are close is Tail Flail. This move is really simple to avoid just by running out of his range. If you are already out of his range then just attack.

His super attack is Volcanic Roar. This is the move that needs to be dodged or defended against.

His weak spot is his tail so try to hit that as much as possible. Also heal if you get low.

Ni No Kuni Moltaan Boss Guide

When the fight starts use Sid and Esther will use Gogo. Keep using Water Bomb with Sid and make sure to stay out his range. When he stomps he creates a shock wave and if you are far enough away you don’t even have to worry about it.

Once he starts to use Blazing breath you can circle behind him and hit his tail. His tail is his weak spot so staying behind him will win you the fight quicker. Once you run out of stamina on Sid switch to Oliver. Now you will want to use Frostbite since this is also effective on him.

If you get close to him he will use Tail Flail. This is pretty simple to avoid if you just run away from him.

At half hp he will start to attack more often. This is also when he starts to use Volcanic Roar. This move has to be defended or evaded and very quickly. If you get hit by it then be sure to heal. After he does this attack you can circle behind him again.

Just keep rotating between Oliver and Sid and using those moves to damage him effectively. If you get damaged somehow just heal up and if he drops a gold orb let Gogo get it because the Gogo super move wrecks Moltaan.

Now you have prevented to volcano from erupting. Nice work.

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