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Ni No Kuni Guide: Rusty’s Nightmare Boss Guide

Ni No Kuni Guide

Back in Motorville you need to figure out what is wrong with Ester’s heart. Once you arrive you find out that her father is caught in a nightmare and you need to defeat the nightmare. This guide will help you do that with no trouble at all!

Rusty’s Nightmare Boss Guide

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Dersert Town

Rusty’s Nightmare has a couple of moves. He of course auto attacks and also can do a spin attack. He spins in a circle and hits you up to four times. If you are out of range you can use this opportunity to attack him.

Hard Heart is his super attack. If he hits you with this it will do a ton of damage and blind you. Dodge or defend for this.

Foul Fumes is his poison move. He will spit a purple cloud on the floor and if you get caught in it you will be poisoned. The cloud sticks around for a little while so avoid it.

He also leaves purple orbs on the floor if you touch them you get hurt.

Ni No Kuni Rusty’s Nightmare Boss Guide
Make sure to equip Water Bomb on Sid.

This guy likes to poison so stick to Oliver and Sid as your main attackers. What you want to do is keep moving and use either the Water Bomb move from Sid or Frostbite on Oliver. When he uses Hard heart either defend of evade depending on which character you are. After you defend he will normally drop a blue orb which you will need to keep up your attacks.

Once he uses Foul Fumes you can stop moving for a moment and launch a couple of spells. Be careful of where he drops the poison at because it stays on the ground for a little bit. Keep switching between Oliver and Sid and keep the distance.

If you run out of mana use some coffee to refill. If he poisons you be sure to use the Poison-Be-Gone.

As he gets lower he will start to do his spin attack more often. If you get hit by a couple of these be sure to heal. If you can make his miss be sure to take advantage and hit him.

As long as you keep a good distance this guy is easy. After you beat him down it’s time to go back to the other world.

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