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Ni No Kuni Guide: Temple Of Trials Guide

Ni No Kuni

In order to progress past the Temple of Trials you will need to beat the puzzles inside. They give you some hints but the temple is still challenging. This guide will help you beat the puzzles with no issues. So let’s get started!

Temple Of Trials Guide

Temple of Trials

Temple of Trials Test of Friendship Guide:
This trail has you walking over a platform without falling off as both Esther and Oliver at the same time. One stick controls Oliver the other controls Esther. What I would do is move Oliver a bit than move Esther a bit. If you take to long though the floor will fall out from behind you and you will have to restart from the last bird you made it to. You can try to go quick if you want but I’m not that coordinated to be trying it. Once you make it to the end you can do the next trial.

Temple of Trials Test of Wits Guide:
First thing you will want to do is go onto the A looking symbol on the floor. While on this stone use the ability Puppet String. From there you need to place the statues in a certain order to beat the trail. It will go beast, dragon, knight, then bird. That will open the door and you can start the second part.

The second trial is a lot more tricky. You need to move the blocks into the right position. It is kind of hard to explain but I’ll give it a try.

The block with the light grey bottom right corner needs to go up 6 blocks then over 5. It will be between the nose and the eye.

The block with the grey on the left side and a slightly light grey bottom right corner goes up 6 and over 3. This one will be between the left eye and the left nostril.

The block with the single line on the bottom goes up 3 and over 4. It will end up right in the middle of the mouth.

The block with the line coming from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner goes on the first line and over 6. It will make the bottom part of the frogs mouth.

The last block goes up 2 and over 2. It will make part of the bottom left mouth.

Now on to the last room. This one is a lot easier and only has the four statues again. Top left is where the best goes. Directly right of that is where the knight goes. The Dragon is the top right. The bird goes to the bottom left of the dragon and bottom right of the knight.

Temple of Trials Test of Strength Guide:
This is of course a boss fight. He has three special moves Mind over matter, which is a large aoe blast so simply get out-of-the-way, Devastation which is an extremely fast spell and is very hard to defend against, and Soul Steal which I canceled so I have no idea what it did.

Honestly he isn’t that hard just be sure to stay in front of him. He has a shield on his back so he will take reduced damage from any attack to his back. I used Lemahl on him for the most part. Just heal up if you get low.

After you finish the trials you can now capture familiars.

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