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Ni No Kuni Guide: The Fairyground Art Guide

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The Fairyground is the home of Drippy and all those like him. Here you must help the Fairy Godmother and her new batch of children. This guide will help you find all the art you need in order to help the Fairy mum. Check it out!

The Fairyground Art Guide

Drippy Mon

Fairyground Art Locations

Nearly every fairy on the map has a piece of art. Check your map and all the blinking blue dots are ones you need to speak with and help.

The first fairy we will talk to is the weapon dealer. We wants you to help him smash flowers more effectively. Go over to your battle spells and pick burden and he will give you the art.

Behind that you will see a fairy at what looks like a kitchen talking to a blue fairy. Talk to him and he need your help to open a jar. Use the spring lock spell on him and he will give you his art.
the Fairyground is the home of Drippy and all of those like him. Here you will need to help the mother Fairy in order to progress deeper into the story. This guide will help you find all the art so you can enter the Fairy mum. Check it out!

Next head over to the item shop. She will ask you to restore an item of hers back to its former glory. Use your rejuvenate spell on her and she will give you the next art piece.

After that head to the green fairy with the earring. He is across from the inn. He wants some better food because the food around here is rubbish. Use the spell secret ingredient and he will hand over some art.

Head to the inn and speak with the owner. She will say she is a bit cold and we have just the spell to warm her up. Cast fireball on her and she will be angry but give you the piece of art still.

Turn around and you will see a yellow fairy next to a mouse looking fairy. He needs you to use the levitate spell on him in order to get his art. You don’t have that spell yet so go talk the seagull near the entrance. He will give it to you for free and you can then go get the art.

To the right of the bounty board(if you are looking at your map) is a small mouse fairy. The little mouse needs you to use quicken growth so the seeds can grow quicker. Do that and you get some more art.

From there head to the last fairy on the map. He needs to sweeping to be done so use the spell broom broom and get the last piece of art. Bring the art back to the performing fairies and you can progress in the story.

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