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NieR Replicant Ver1.22 Weapon Location Guide (Part 1)

NieR Replicant Ver1.22 Weapon Location Guide
Learning where to find all of the weapons in NieR Replicant has more than one use. This NieR Replicant Ver1.22 Weapon Location Guide will tell you where to find all of the weapons we’ve discovered on our first play through so far, so you can have the biggest arsenal available before tackling the games multiple endings.

In NieR Replicant Ver1.22, your main character can use any of the weapons he discovers on his travels. This is a great way of learning different combinations and attacks, giving you access to a tons of exciting and powerful weapons. However, finding all of the weapons also serves as a different purpose. To reach one of the games many different endings, you will need to find all of the weapons hidden throughout the game.

The game is divided into two sections. I won’t spoil anything but it is very clear when the second half of the game begins.

First Half Weapons

Nirvana Dagger
This one can be found in the Lost Shrine, towards the top of the structure. After you climb a ladder, you will see a crate nearby. Break it to find the weapon.

Lily-Leaf Sword
You can purchase this weapon at the Blacksmith in your village for 2,400 Gold.

You can buy this weapon from the village Blacksmith for 16,800 Gold.

When you first visit the Southern Plains on your way to Seafront, Grimoire Weiss will direct you toward a nearby guard that is getting attacked. Save the guard to get this sword as a reward.

Earth Wyrm’s Claw
You can purchase this from the weapon shop in Facade for 8,400 Gold.

Obtained from the story after you complete the temple and saved Facade.

In the Forest of Myth. Complete the Mayor’s dream, the alpha, beta, gamma choice dream and the escaping the labyrinth dream.

Blade of Treachery
During the story, when you have to explore the Haunted Mansion. After you use the Darkness Key, you’ll find a crate in a hallway, can’t miss it. Destroy the crate to get this weapon. It’s just before the second save location within the mansion.

Second Half Weapons

Axe Of Beheading
Purchase from the Blacksmith at your village in the second half of the game for 19,200 Gold

Available to buy from the village Blacksmith for 21,600 Gold after you complete the first half of the game.

Vile Axe
This can be bought from Seafront Blacksmith for 21,600 Gold

Spear of the Usurper
Another purchase from Seafront Blacksmith, this time for 19,200 Gold.

Phoenix Dagger
This can also be purchased from the Blacksmith at Seafront, for 36,200 Gold.

Fang Of The Twins
You can find this sword during the story in the Underground Facility B1. At this location.

The Devil Queen
When you reach the Lost Shrine: Rear Entrance during the story, you’ll find a box at the bottom of the ladder here. Smash it to get The Devil Queen.

Labyrinth’s Whisper
Complete the side quest, a Bridge In Peril.

Ancient Overlord
Part of the story, can’t be missed. After you attend the King’s wedding.

Captain’s Holy Spear
Can be purchased from the Facade shop for 30,000 Gold

Phoenix Spear
You can buy this from the Facade shop for 37,400 Gold.

Labyrinth’s Song
Complete A Shade Entombed quest and then Disturbing the Sleep of Kings to unlock this weapon. It begins after the King’s wedding by speaking with one of the guards near the entrance to Facade. Once you complete A Shade Entombed, speak with the King to get the next quest.

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