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Nintendo Land Guide: Pikmin Adventure Bulblord Boss Guide

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After a few levels in the Pikmin Adventure you have to face off with a boss. The first boss you fight is the Bulblord. This guide will help you bring him down quickly and efficiently. Let’s get started.

Bulblord Boss Guide


Bulblord BossNintendo Land Pikmin Adventure Bulblord Boss Guide

First off will be his abilities. When he is fighting with you he will roar. When he does that he will bend his head forward and pound his feet. When he does that he will charge whatever way he is pointing. You can dodge this by running around him.

After you break some of his weak points he will go into defensive mode. Basically he hides his weak points and rolls. If he runs you over you will lose a heart. Do not get cornered and avoid the boss when he is in this mode.

Once you break the first set of weak points he will also start to bite. Just stay out of the way of his mouth to avoid this.

After you break one of his weak points some nectar will come out. Level whoever you didn’t level to help you beat the boss quicker.


Right at the start you have two stacks of blocks you can break by throwing your Pikmin at them. If you break all of them you can get either Olimar or a Pikmin to level 5. I chose Olimar but it is your call.

Be sure to break the giant ? Block and get extra hearts for the fight. During the boss fight there are hearts scattered around the area. Grab them if you need them.

Once you load into the fight you will see all the purple weak points. You need to toss your Pikmin at those purple spots. Watch out for his charge and keep tossing Pikmin at him. Be sure to call your big one in and toss him on as well. He can do a ton of damage to the weak points.

After you break one he will go into defensive mode. Avoid his roll and wait for his weak points to come out. Just keep circling him and tossing Pikmin at his weak points. Take out the really small ones first and work your way up in size.

After you break all the little ones you will have to break the one on top of him. Do that until it breaks and more weak points will appear on his legs and he will start to steam.

Now when he goes into defensive mode he will start to roll one way then roll back the other way just to hit you. He will also start biting at you. Hit his legs with the Pikmin when he isn’t in his defensive mode. Once you break one of the legs he will start to roll and a weak spot will appear on the under side of him. Hit that with everything you got to finish him off.

That will end the Nintendo Land Pikmin Adventure Bulblord Boss Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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