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Nintendo Land Guide: Pikmin Adventure Shining Eyes Guide

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For level 12 of Pikmin Adventure you will be taking on Shining Eyes. It is a giant centipede boss who spawns minions. This guide will help you beat him with no problems. So let’s get started.

Shining Eyes Walkthrough

Wii U pad

Nintendo Land Pikmin Adventure Shining Eyes Boss Guide
First off is the bosses moves. He first move is his bite. He will try to get you right in between his pincers and snap you in. Just stay away from his mouth to dodge this.

As you break his bigger weak points parts of his shell will fall off. These shell parts become spinning blade minions. Basically keep moving to avoid these. Your Pikmin cannot kill them.

During the second phase of the fight he will only have one weak point. Once this weak point glows up he will turn red and become invincible. He also charges at you pinching the whole time. Keep running to avoid the damage. Also watch out for his body because they are spinning blades now as well.

The last phase you will have a mixture of the spinning blades and the bites.


There will be 5 ? blocks right at the start of the level. Break them and get both Olimar and the Pikmin to level 5. Give one the whip and one the hammer so you can use both. After you break the first 5 blocks and 6th one will appear. Break it to get your upgraded hearts.

Head up through the weeds and to the warp point. Go through and you will be in the boss area.

Right at the start go up to him and toss some Pikmin onto one of his smaller weak points. The idea is to break all the small weak points first. Once those are all gone hit the bigger ones. Each time one dies you will have to avoid another spinning blade. Be sure to stay out of the way of his pincers of he will bite you. Finish off the weak points and you can start the next phase.

Right when you can throw your Pikmin do so to inflict some damage. You will see the weak point glow until the boss turns red. Now he is angry and can’t be hit. Watch out for his body because it hurts you if you touch it now. Also watch out for his pincers since he is faster now. Keep running from his mouth to avoid it. If you think you are about to get hit flick Olimar in a direction to avoid the bite.

Once you get him to about 25% he will split off some more of his body and be red for the rest of the fight. Now you have to really be worried about the spinning blades. He moves fast and bites fast while the blades try to corner you. Keep moving and be sure to have your big Pikmin in hand. When you have an opening toss a few on at a time so you don’t get cornered tossing to many. The best strategy here is to keep moving and be mindful of the spinning blades. Play it safe and you will beat him.

That will end the Nintendo Land Pikmin Adventure Shining Eyes Boss Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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