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Nintendo Land Guide: Pikmin Adventure Swamp Master Guide

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For level 8 in Pikmin Adventure you will be facing the Swamp Master. This boss is a giant frog and will try to eat you and your Pikmin. This guide will help you beat him down in no time at all. So let’s get started.

Swamp Master Walkthrough


Throwing PikminNintendo Land Pikmin Adventure Swamp Master Boss Guide

First off we will go over the boss moves. At the start he will just spit hit tongue at you over and over. Just keep running in a circle to avoid it. After a few misses he will hit himself and you can toss your Pikmin at him.

Once the he is walking he will still launch his tongue at you. Keep strafing to avoid the hit.

During the last phase he will be hopping around and his tongue will have a spike ball on it. While he is hopping get behind him and wait for him to stop. Once he is stopped toss all your Pikmin onto his weak spot.


At the start of the level you will see a ton of ? Blocks. Break them and level up one person to 10 and the other person to 5. Also be sure to grab the bonus heart.

Once you finish up head to the warp and you will see the boss. The giant frog will spit his tongue at you a few times. Just keep running until he hits himself on the way back in. After that you can hit the weak spot on the tongue. If you go quick enough it will only take one attempt. If not you can get it in two no problem.

After you break the tongue weak point the water will go away and he will be dazed. While he is dazed take out one of his weak points. While he is trying to hit you with his tongue toss you Pikmin on his other weak point. If you wait to long he will go back into the water and you will have to deal with phase one again. Good news is if you go through phase one again he will be dazed and you can end the other weak point.

He will roar and call down more water. One large weak point on his back will appear. Now you need to keep behind him and wait for him to stop and attack. Once he does toss the Pikmin on him and finish him.

That will end the Nintendo Land Pikmin Adventure Swamp Master Boss Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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