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Nintendo Land Guide: Quick Coin Guide

Nintendo Land Guide

Nintendo Land is a theme park that needs to be filled with objects you unlock with coins. You can get coins for playing anything but in order to unlock things quick you will want to play the key events. This guide will help you get coins real quick. So let’s get started.

Nintendo Land Quick Coins


Nintendo Land ParkThis game would be much better with online play. If you have a trick leave a comment and we will add it!

Nintendo Land Quick Coin Guide 1 – Play with multiple people – The more people you play with the more coins you get after you finish a game. The more players at the end of a game the more coins you get. The other players can also get ribbons you may have already got. For everyone ribbon they get you get the coins.

Nintendo Land Quick Coin Guide 2 – Play the 2x coin events – This is a no brainer. If you are good at a game you will get some serious coins for these events. If you can pull off a multiple ribbon play through with 4 people you will make bank.

Nintendo Land Quick Coin Guide 3 – Know the bonus coins for the events – Nearly every event has a way for you to collect a few extra coins. Knowing how to get them will help you net more coins in the long run. Yoshi has the present box that will sometimes give you 10 coins, Zelda and Pikmin have coins you can find throughout the level and Captain Falcon has them on the race track.

Nintendo Land Quick Coin Guide 4 – Learn the Yoshi game – This game has the best chance to net you over 25 coins each time. This is the best method if you don’t have the extra controllers or players. Basically you need to get as far as you can and collect the present boxes. Each box can have 10 coins inside. It is easy in a play through to 10 to get 3 or 4 boxes. If you can get it on the double coin bonus even better.

Remember to look at the TV screen then the Wii U screen and check for land markers. Like cloud patterns or circles. They can help you guide Yoshi in the quickest way so you can go for longer. After making it to level 13 I lost and ended up with 47 coins without the double coin event going on.

This will end the Nintendo Land Quick Coin Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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