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Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Location Guide

Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Location Guide
Want to unlock more Guardian Spirits in Nioh 2? This Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Location Guide lists all of the different Guardian Spirits we’ve unlocked on our journey through Nioh 2 so far, including details on where to find them and how to unlock them.

Guardian Spirits are special spirits that can be equipped. They provide you with a variety of buffs and bonuses, allowing you to build and specialize your character in particular ways. While some are much stronger than others, it’s really down to personal choice. Find and unlock a Guardian Spirit that works for you and go with it.

Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Location Guide

Guardian SpiritTypeLocation
Kagewani (Shark)PhantomStarting Guardian Spirit
Makami (Wolf)BruteStarting Guardian Spirit
Ame-no-Mitori (Bird)FeralStarting Guardian Spirit
Masaru (Monkey)FeralComplete Village Of Cursed Blossoms (Awakening)
Shirohami (Snake)BruteComplete The Viper's Sanctum (Awakening)
Rokugezo (Elephant)PhantomComplete The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama (Soaring)
Okuri-Inu (Dog)BruteComplete A Hot Blooded Howl Side Mission
Usura-Hicho (Butterfly)PhantomComplete The Viper And The Butterfly Side Mission
Yaonami-Hime (Mermaid)FeralComplete A Way Out Mission
Makami (Dog)FeralComplete The Shrine Of Oaths Side Mission
Shin-Roku (Stag)BruteComplete Side Mission Horns On Head, Dragonfly In Hand
Hiyokucho (Bird)FeralComplete Main Mission Bird In A Cage
Hyobishin (Panther)BruteStart Main Mission Pervading Waters (Dawn)
Nine Tails (Fox)PhantomComplete The Frenzied Blaze Mission
Genbu (Turtle)PhantomComplete The Sun Sets On Mount Tenno (Dawn)
Atlas Bear (Bear)BruteComplete The Warrior Side Mission (Dawn)
Tenen Kujaku (Peacock)FeralComplete The Demon Kings Blade (Shadow)
Nekomata (Cat)FeralEnter The Twilight Area
Inosasao (Boar)BruteComplete Mission Ruin Draws Near (Twilight)

We will continue to update this Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Location Guide as we progress through the game.

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