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Nioh 2 Soul Core Guide

Nioh 2 Soul Core Guide
Want to know how to use Soul Cores or where to find them? In this Nioh 2 Soul Core Guide we break down the location of every Soul Core we have discovered on our journey through the game so far, including details on where to find them and how to use them.

Yokai are powerful demon enemies that appear throughout Nioh 2. Most, if not all, of the different Yokai you encounter have a chance at dropping a Soul Core, but the drop is rarely guaranteed unless it’s a boss battle or an important part of the story. Once you have a Soul Core, you must visit a Shrine to purify it. If you die before purifying the Soul Core, it is destroyed and lost forever unless you use a Candle.

The locations listed are the earliest locations we encountered that particular Soul Core. Most can be found in multiple places, scattered throughout the game.

Nioh 2 Soul Core Guide

Yokai NameYokai AbilitySoul Core Location
EnkiMonkey DanceVillage Of Cursed Blossoms (Awakening)
MezukiRazing EdgeVillage Of Cursed Blossoms Boss (Awakening)
Ippon-DataraOne-Legged FuryThe Beast Born Of Smoke & Flames
GakiChompThe Beast Born Of Smoke & Flames (Awakening)
EnenraFire TwisterThe Beast Born Of Smoke & Flames (Awakening)
YokiFiendish FrenzyA Voice In The Twilight Sub Mission (Awakening)
Karasu TenguTengu TacticsDark Omens Sub Mission (Boss) (Awakening)
ScampussScampussDark Omens Sub Mission (Awakening)
One-Eyed OniSpinning TopDark Omens Sub Mission (Awakening)
Nure-OnnaPetrifying GazeThe Viper's Sanctum (Awakening)
Toxic SlimeVile VenomThe Viper's Sanctum (Awakening)
Abberant SoldierFire ArmThe Viper's Sanctum (Awakening)
Yatsu-no-KamiImpaling DoomThe Viper's Sanctum (Boss) (Awakening)
Wheelmonk Wheel Of FlamesA Favor for the Black Smith Sub Mission (Awakening)
Skeleton WarriorSkeleton BowmanAwakening Twilight Mission
WairaWormholeAn Error In Calculation Sub Mission (Soaring)
Karakasa UmbrellaRain of TerrorAn Error In Calculation Sub Mission (Soaring)
Lesser Umi-BoziSpitballThe Mysterious One Night Castle (Soaring)
KamaitachiRising WindsThe Mysterious One Night Castle (Soaring)
DwellerDark DaggerThe Hollow Fortress (Soaring)
RokurokubiWhiplashThe Hollow Fortress (Soaring)
OnryokiBall Of HatredThe Hollow Fortress (Soaring)
KorokaWhere There's SmokeThe Hollow Fortress (Soaring)
TatarimokkeSpectral SwarmA Way Out Mission (Shadow)
Mitsume YazuraCorrupted BreathA Way Out Mission (Shadow)
TessoOffensive OdorBird In A Cage Mission
GyukiLockjawPervading Waters Main Mission (Dawn)
Thunderstorm Oni-BiFiery ReinforcementPervading Waters (Dawn)
OnyudoSlaphappyPervading Waters (Dawn)
UbumeUbume's CryPervading Waters (Dawn)
KashaHellfire WheelThe Frenzied Blaze (Dawn)
Biwa Boku-bokuNo Ability. Just stats.The Sun Sets On Mount Tenno (Dawn)
Ryomen SukunaFire And IceThe Sun Sets On Mount Tenno (Dawn)
GozukiBrutal ChargeThe Refined Man Of The Underworld (Dawn)

We are continuing to update this Nioh 2 Soul Core Guide as we progress through the game.

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