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Nioh Armor & Weapon Sets Guide

Nioh Armor Sets Guide
Nioh features an exciting array of rare, unique and powerful items that can sometimes offer huge bonuses when equipped with other items in the same set. This Nioh Armor Sets Guide shows all of the best Nioh armor sets we’ve discovered in Nioh so far including screenshots, locations of each piece and the stats and bonuses they offer.

Nioh Armor Sets Guide

Below is a list of all of the Armor & Weapon sets we’ve currently discovered in Nioh. Each armor set will include information on how to obtain each of the pieces for the set as well as a screenshot of the sets bonuses and appearance. You can view the armor sets different stats by rotating the screen with either L2 or R2, this way you can see the immediate stats the weapon or armor set offers as well as the set bonuses for equipping a specific number of pieces.

Note: Some set pieces were discovered when killing Revenant’s so the rest of the items in the set may not be available to use directly, yet. We’ll update once we discover more. On that note, killing Revenant’s with similar gear to yours can be a fantastic way of getting items with good Special Effects.

Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Sanada Crimson Armor Set - The Red Of Devotion
Nioh Armor Set - Nioh Incarnate
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Legendary Strategists Garb Set - Tacticians Ingenuity
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - The Raging Bull Set - The Heroic Raging Bull
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Warrior Of The West Set - Warrior Of The Wests Honor
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Kingos Armor Set - The Crossed Sickles
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Genius Strategist Garb Set - Strategist Of Legends
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Iga Jonin Apparel Set - Head of the Iga Ninja
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Red Demon Armor Set - Li, The Red Demon
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Kaido Armor Set - Kaido-maru
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Warrior Of The East Set - Warrior Of The Easts Honor
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Yagyu Garb Set - Yagyus Shinkage Style
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Yatagarasu Armor Set- Saikas Yatagarasu
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Fanatics Armor Set - Legendary Mikawa Warrior
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Armor of the Exceptional Set - Japans Bravest
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Master Swordsmans Armor - A Master Swordsman Power
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Justice Ministry Armor Set - Righteous Strategist
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Greater Good Armor Set - Tranquil Foundations
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Gallantry Armor Set - Daiichi Daiman Daikichi
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Demon Kings Set - National Unity
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Ebony Armor Set - Samurai From Dark Lands
Nioh Armor Sets Guide - Tatenashi Set - The God Of War Looks Down

Nioh Armor & Weapon Sets Guide – FAQ

What Are Armor Sets In Nioh?
Like many other action RPG titles Nioh features Armor & Weapon sets. These are typical items that share certain elements in appearance, such as color and design, but also go a step further. When equipping a certain number of items in the set, they provide bonuses. For example, equipping 2 items in a set will provide a small buff to a specific stat, 4 further buffs to other stats and typically a full set of 5+ offers the best benefits.

How To See Armor Sets Bonuses In Nioh?
When you are on your equipment screen in Nioh use L2 and R2 to browse through the different screen display options. One screen shows the sets appearance, the other shows the base stats the item offers and the third shows the different bonuses applied when equipping a certain number of items from the set.

Where To Find Armor Sets In Nioh?
Armor & Weapon sets in Nioh can be found in a multitude of ways. Some are given as DLC rewards, others are available as rewards from completing specific quests and some can be gathered from specific enemies or locations within a mission.

I have a full set equipped but don’t get all the bonuses
Each set has its own unique requirements that must be met in order to maximize the benefits. When viewing your set check the bottom of the stats and you will see something like “Stamina Required” and “Strength Required”. If you don’t have the appropriate stats they will be displayed in red.

We’re updating this guide as we progress through the game so be sure to check back soon for more updates on our Nioh Armor & Weapon Sets Guide.

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  1. Are these really the best pictures you could get? Most of them don’t even show all of the set effects. You could at least write them down. This isn’t really useful.

      1. It would also be helpful to have shots showing you wearing as much of the set as possible, at least when you have them, or show what weight some of them are. Some armor doesn’t show the weight in the name with an (L) or (M) so it’s hard to tell if sets like Tranquil Foundations are light, medium, or heavy.

    1. Just had a look through. 90% of them list all of the effects. If there’s one in particular you’re looking for, I can check my Storehouse to see if I can add the additional information.

  2. Where do you get the Hero’s set? (It’s just a casual armor without any set bonuses but I was hoping some of you would know since it’s a really cool armor)

      1. No its not! Yasuke also know as The Obsidian Samurai in game can drop and wears Obsidian Armor . The perk when you have certain pieces active is called Samurai from the dark land. However the term Obsidian and Ebony to a degree when talking about a person can be seen as offensive. Black guy wearing armour, lets call it Ebony amour. In your version , UK/dutch its Ebony in US/Canada its Obsidian Armour.

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