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Nioh Guardian Spirit Unlock Guide

Nioh Guardian Spirit Unlock Guide
One of Nioh’s most unique and rewarding mechanics are the Guardian Spirits – spirit animals you can imbue to receive a variety of buffs and bonuses. This Nioh Guardian Spirit Unlock Guide will tell you how to unlock the Guardian Spirits we’ve found so far as well as information on what perks and benefits they offer.

You get to choose your own Guardian Spirit at the beginning of the game, this is the one you will have to use until you unlock further Guardian Spirits. Below is a list of all of the Guardian Spirits we’ve discovered so far. It’s also worth noting that to get all of the benefits to the Guardian Spirits you have to raise the Spirit Stat. 11 seems to be the magic number for the majority of the earlier Guardian Spirits.

Nioh Guardian Spirit Unlock Guide

Daiba-Washi (The Bird)
Isonade (The Shark)
Kato (The Fox)
Fuse-Ushi (The Bull)
Mizuchi (The Dragon)
Raiken (The Hound)
Paired Raiken (The Hounds)
Hi-nezumi (The Rabbit)
Aya-komori (The Bat)
Itokuri (The Spider)
Usura-hicho (The Butterfly)
Enko (The Tiger)
Gyokuto (The Hare)
Shinka (The Elk)
Narikama Tanuki (The Tanuki)
Suzaku (The Phoenix)
Kara-jishi (The Lion)
Yatagarasu (The Crow)
Izuna (The Fox)
Atlas Bear (The Bear)
Genbu (The Turtle)
Tengen Kujaku (The Peacock)
Saoirse (The Merrow)

Nioh Guardian Spirit Unlock Guide DLC 1 – Dragon Of The North

Nekomata (The Cat)
Bishas Centipede (The Centipede)
Blue Dragon (The Dragon)
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