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Nioh Kodama Location Guide

Nioh Guide - Kodama Location Guide
Kodama in Nioh are little creatures you can find that will help you out with various buffs at the Shrine. Some are easy to find, while others are hidden very well. Check out this Nioh Kodama Location Guide to find them all with detailed descriptions, screenshots and videos for every region.

Nioh 2 has arrived. Be sure to check out our NIOH 2 KODAMA LOCATION GUIDE.

Nioh Kodama Location Guide – Kyushu Region Kodama

Isle Of Demons
Deep In The Shadows
The Spirit Stone Slumbers

Nioh Kodama Location Guide – Chugoku Region Kodama

The Silver Mine Writhes
The Three Angry Gods
The Ocean Roars Again
The Conspirators

Nioh Kodama Location Guide – Kinki Region Kodama

Spider Nest Castle
Falling Snow
The Demon Of Mount Hiei

Nioh Kodama Location Guide – Tokai Region Kodama

The Iga Escape
Memories Of Death Lilies
The Trail Of The Master
The Defiled Castle

Nioh Kodama Location Guide – Sekigahara Region Kodama

Immortal Flame
The Source Of Evil
The Watcher In Darkness

Nioh Kodama Location Guide – Omi Region Kodama

A Defiled Holy Mountain
The Samurai From Sawayama
The Demon King Revealed

We are updating as we go so check back soon for updates to the Nioh Kodama Location Guide.

The Kodama make a return in the DLC for Nioh, Dragon Of The North. There are 25 in total and some are easy to find while others can be very difficult to spot. Check out this guide to find them all in the Tohoku Region.
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