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Nioh Sub Mission Guide

Nioh Sub Mission Guide
Alongside regular missions and the dreaded Twilight missions Nioh plays host to another rewarding mission type, Sub Missions. This Nioh Sub Mission Guide tells you everything you need to know to unlock new Sub Missions as well as providing information on the rewards and items you get for completing them.

Sub Missions become available after you complete the games first mission, Isle of Demons. Once this is completed you unlock your first Sub Mission, Death to Bandits. Typically you unlock new Sub Missions through completing the main story missions, although some are unlocked through different means. Below is a list of the Sub Missions we’ve discovered so far as well as information pertaining to rewards, how you unlock the Sub Mission and any tips should they be difficult to complete.

It’s also important to note that most Sub Missions enhance rewards once completed. For example: The Finder’s, Keepers Sub Mission provides Smith Text: The Raging Bull’s Armor on initial completion but after that it provides the full Raging Bull set.

Nioh Sub Mission Guide – Kyushu Region

Death To Bandits - Level 10
Wreathed In Flame - Level 13
Finders, Keepers - Level 15
Kanbei And The Overlord - Level 18
A Request From Ginchiyo - Level 21
Invitational From The Warrior Of The West - Level 27

Nioh Sub Mission Guide – Chugoku Region

The Guardian Of The Underworld - Level 25
The Three Angry Gods - Level 31
The Magatama Of Fire - Level 34
The Bridge of Bone - Level 38
Heir to the Nioh - Level 43
The Conspirators - Level 45

Nioh Sub Mission Guide – Kinki Region

The Ogress - Level 42
The Battle Of Ohashi Bridge- Level 45
The Disappearing Ranjatai - Level 49
Demon Hunting - Level 52
The Malefactors - Level 56
The Red Oni Of The Li - Level 56
Greater Demon Hunting - Level 70
The Fallen Onmyo Mages - Level 65
The Missing Catalogue - Level 67

Nioh Sub Mission Guide – Tokai Region

The Three Souls - Level 67
Of Withered Grass And Yokai - Level 71
A Fiercer Flame - Level 73
The Trail Of The Master - Level 79
The Seven Good Tidings - Level 80
The Okehazama Incident - Level 84
The Giant Frog Brawl - Level 91
The Rising Shadows - Level 88
The Champion Of The East - Level 93

Nioh Sub Mission Guide – Sekigahara Region

The Unrepentant Thief - Level 91
The Silent Crow - Level 92
Desperate Retreat - Level 105
Kurodas Determination - Level 107
The Demons Daughter - Level 113
The Watcher In The Darkness - Level 115

Omi Region

The Mountain Of Remorse - Level 124
The Inheritance - Level 132
The Ghosts Of Sawayama - Level 130
A Meeting On The Other Shore - Level 141
The Two Kings: Nioh - Level 139
The Master Of Twin Blades - Level 117

We’re updating this as we go so check back soon for updates.

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