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No Man’s Sky New Technology Guide

No Mans Sky New Technology Guide
In No Man’s Sky you will not only be looking for resources but you will also be looking for new Technology. The new technology is scattered over all over the universe and is split into two groups. Check out this No Man’s Sky New Technology Guide to help you figure out where to find new technology.

No Man’s Sky New Multi-tool Technology List

Just read that placing the tech next to the thing that it upgrades will give it a bonus. So if you are doing a Bolcaster upgrade, place the upgrade in the square connected to the Boltcaster for a bonus.

Beam Focus Sigma
Beam Coolant System Sigma
Railshot Adapter
Combat Amplifier Sigma
Reload Acceleratant Sigma
Recoil Stabilizer Tau
Boltcaster Clip Sigma
Boltcaster Clip Tau
Rapidfire Tau
Wideshot Adaptor
Impact Damage Theta
Ricochet Sigma
Ricochet Theta
Plasma Launcher
Damage Radius
Grenade Intensity Sigma
Grenade Propulsion
Rebound Grenades for Plasma Launcher
Homing Grenades

No Man’s Sky New Starship Technology List

Cannon Damage Theta
Advanced Cooling Tau
Beam Impact Tau
Accelerated Fire Tau
Phase Beam
Phase Coolant Tau
Beam Impact Theta
Pulse Jet Tau
Pulse Jet Sigma
Shield Boost Sigma
War Reactor Sigma

No Man’s Sky New Exosuit Technology List

Radiation Deflector Sigma
Toxin Suppressor Tau
Jetpack Booster Sigma
Shield Boost Sigma
Health Module Theta
Life Support Module Sigma
Aeration Membrane Sigma
Thermic Layer Tau

No Man’s Sky New Scanner Technology List

Rangeboost Sigma

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for updates!

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