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No Man’s Sky Recipe & Locations Guide

No Man's Sky Recipe & Locations Guide
No Man’s Sky is filled to the brim with collectibles, equipment you can upgrade and recipes. This No Man’s Sky Recipe & Locations Guide lists all of the recipes we’ve discovered alongside some information on where they can potentially be located.

Recipes are the backbone of the crafting system in No Man’s Sky. You begin with several, such as Carite Sheet and Bypass Chip, but you can discover more as you explore the vast universe. As No Man’s Sky uses procedural generation technology and everyone’s starting point is hours from anyone else, it’s near impossible to provide exact locations. However, lots of the planets share certain types of buildings, points of interest and other areas that house similar rewards.

No Man’s Sky Recipe & Locations Guide

Suspension Fluid
Use: Used to manufacture starship and exosuit technologies
Found: Found inside a manufacturing facility

Antimatter Formula
Use: Used to create warp drives
Found: The Antimatter recipe is given during natural progress through the story. For more information check out our how to use hyperdrive guide

Power Canister
Use: Power sourced used in a variety of exosuit and starship items
Found: Progressed through the story until I reached a blackhole. Nearby planet objective had Power Canister inside.

Atlas Pass V1
Use: Create an Atlas Pass to unlock doors around the universe
Found: This is unlocked through story progression. We’ve got a guide for it so check out how to find an Atlas Pass in No Man’s Sky.

We’re updating this as we go. Check back soon for updates or leave a comment if you’ve found any we’ve missed.

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