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No More Heroes Paradise Boss Guide

No More Heroes Paradise Boss Guide

No More Heroes Paradise has you playing Travis Touchdown and you have to make your way to the top ranked assassin. Each boss is a unique fight so use this guide to get through them if you are having trouble. The first few are not that tough but they can wear on you. Let’s go bro.

Updating as I go so if a boss fight isn’t here yet it will be after I beat it.

Rank 10 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideDeath Metal (Holy Sword)Death Metal is the first boss you will have to kill in No More Heroes Paradise. He is a big guy with red hair metal in his face and a huge tattoo on his back. He uses a massive sword and is pretty quick for his size. It’s a pretty basic hack and slash fight but there are a few things you need to watch for.

He will spin his sword in front of him effectively making a shield for himself that you can’t really block so dodge it. After you dodge it and he jumps at you hit him after he misses and he will be stunned for a few hits.He will always do some sort of big attack that will leave him weak so be sure to capitalize on it after he misses.

Eventually he will glow red and split into three of himself. Kill the two fakes then you will be able to take him down. The fakes die pretty quick so don’t worry.

Once he is stunned that is when you should strike. You can hit him with a lot of little attacks or try a charge one. He dodged most of my charge attacks but if you land one it is pretty decent. Just keep chipping away at him and you will beat him.

There is a health box and battery box during the fight if you need the hp. You will have to recharge a couple times more the likely so you can use the battery box anytime. Once you win don’t forget to get your giant heart.

Rank 9 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideDr. PeaceDr. Peace is a detective turned assassin. He duel wields pistols has a cowboy mustache and can sing pretty good. He isn’t to hard just a tad annoying.

You need to get close to him if you want to hit him. He will shoot you as you try to get close so block it.He will do a charge shot that has to be dodged or deflected back at him. I couldn’t do it so I wouldn’t recommend it.

He will keep shooting you then draw both pistols and shoot at the same time. After that he is ready to be hit. Hit him and he will most likely be dazed. Do a wrestling move on him at this point.

After his charge shot he is vulnerable as well so take advantage and do a wrestling move then. You can keep cutting him with your saber if you want but I find this method to be quicker.

There is a health and battery box in the area and don’t forget the heart after the fight.

Rank 8 No More Heroes Paradise boss guide ShinobuShinobu is a katana wielding school girl who can shoot a blast out of her sword. I’ll be honest this fight was over very quickly for me so I might of missed a couple of her moves.

When you are attacking her she will put her sword in its sheath then get ready to draw. Dodge it she can’t be hurt but after she missed you can hit her again.

She will sometimes taunt you. Attack her when she does that. Wait for her to miss an attack then go in to hit her.

When she is glowing it means her big attack is coming. Dodge it and then hit her.

If you stun her do a wrestling move it will do quite a bit more. You can hack and slash if you really want to.

There is a health box and battery box if you need it.

Rank 7 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideDestroymanDestroyman is a super hero assassin and also a mail man. He has a few attacks both long and short ranged.

Destroy spark has him shoot lightning out of his hand at a short range. Roll back to avoid it then hit him.

Destroy bash is a short ranged ground smash that you will need to dodge. After the dodge he will be easy to attack. Do a wrestling move on him if you can.

Destroy beam/canon are his ranged moves that you can roll out of the way of. Beam doesn’t have much of a charge but canon does.

About halfway through the fight he will begin to fly. He will be shooting destroy canon at you while he is in the air. Have him shoot it at the lights on the wall and he will fall and you can resume your fight.

There is a health box and battery box here if you need it.

Rank 6 – No More Heroes Paradise boss guideHolly SummersHolly Summers is a crazy chick with grenades and missiles. This fight is extremely annoying though.

Once the fight starts you will run at her and fall into a hole. After a cut scene you will be out of the hole. There are quite a few of these holes on the beach. After you fall in them and get back out you can see a slight difference in the sand so you won’t fall back in.

When she charges up she will either launch missiles that can be dodged or put a landmine down and blow it up. Either way you can dodge. Hit here after the dodge and body slam her if you can.

She will kick sand up and stun you or cover a hole with it. After this is you avoid it you can hit her.

She moves around a lot so be careful where you step.

There is a health box here and a battery box.

Rank 5 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideLetz ShakeLetz Shake is a dude with  a guitar and giant machine that has a brain in it. The fight is over before it starts though as Henry comes in and steals the kill. You get your rank up and cash though so no big deal.
Rank 4 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideHarvey Moiseiwitsch VolodarskiiHarvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii is a magician with two swords and likes to play tricks on you. He wasn’t a hard fight but he does have a few tricks.

He will glow and then do one of two attacks either way you need to be out of his way. Birds will fly at you or he will do a spin attack and keep going at you for a few seconds. After he misses attack.

After his normal combo you can hit him a couple times and if you stun him do a wrestling move.

About halfway through the fight he will start to make everything go upside down and make your controls opposite. It only lasts a few seconds but if you hit him right after he makes the room upside down he is vulnerable.

His last trick will be towards the end of the fight. He will put you in a box and you need to waggle the stick or hit a certain button to get out. I got out so I’m not sure if you die if you stay inside to long. After that he is pretty much dead so finish him.

There is a health box and battery box here as well.

Rank 3 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideSpeed BusterSpeed Buster is a fat old lady with a giant canon. The most annoying fight so far. You have to run from side to side and keep inside when her laser fires. Just keep dodging it and when you have to break doors to go in. About halfway through you will have to fight people inside the doors you break but they aren’t to hard. Once you get close enough you have to knock over some telephone poles to disable her canon. After that walk to her and you will win.

Rank 2 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideBad GirlBad Girl is another crazy chick with a baseball bat and enjoys killing people. She is actually kind of hard and I had a difficult time getting in to the fight but it was fun.

She has two charge moves one is done mid air as she is about to land a super hit dodge it and just lay into her. If you stun her do wrestling moves if you want. Her other charge move has her standing in one place. Hit her then dodge right away and you can attack her after she misses.

At some point during the fight she will drop to the floor making you think you can hit her. Stay away or you are dead. If she gets you on the floor is game over. I don’t know how to get out of it or if you even can so just avoid it.

About halfway through the fight she will start launching enemies at you with her baseball. Dodge them then fight them close to where she is hitting them from to hurt her with the finisher you use on the goons. This will happen a few times during the fight.

Lastly she starts her bat on fire and hit a little bit harder. She can also do a jump hit that will start the area on fire. Avoid the direct hit and you should be fine  even if you are in the fire.

Grab the health and battery box if you need them. Close call.

Rank 1 No More Heroes Paradise boss guideJeaneJeane is a girl who appears and kills Dark Star before the fight begins. It is also the name of your cat. After she takes out Dark star she is number one so you have to bring her down.

She puts up a circle of energy that will get smaller and smaller as you do damage to her. I think if you touch it you die but I never did so just avoid it.

She is hard to hit and very fast. When she is about to do her charge move you can cancel some of them by hitting her. She can be hit during each charge but sometimes she does a ground pound that hits you. Other then that you just have to swing and get lucky. When you dodge you can land a hit on her sometimes, but she dodges a lot of your attacks. Just keep laying into her and you will win.

Congrats on being ranked 1.

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