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NPC Pokemon Trading Locations In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Various NPC’s in the game will trade you for unique Pokemon. This guide on NPC Pokemon Trading Locations In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet gives you the location of each of the different NPC’s we’ve encountered that will trade you a Pokemon if you’re able to catch a specific one that they are looking for.

When you are running around looking for NPC’s to trade with, pay close attention to the speech bubbles that appear over their heads. Normal NPC’s just a white box but NPC’s with important things to discuss or Trainers, will have a yellow box above their head. The same can be said for NPC’s that want to trade. When you’re in towns and villages look for the NPC’s with a yellow speech bubble.

NPC Pokemon Trading Locations In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Flabebe For Snom
Paldean Wooper For Wooper
Pincurchin For Haunter

We are still searching for more NPC’s to trade with and will continue to update the guide.

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