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What Is The Ornamented Key For In Assassins Creed Origins

What Is The Ornamented Key For In Assassins Creed Origins
Want to know what the Ornamented Key unlocks? This guide for What Is The Ornamented Key For In Assassins Creed Origins will tell you everything you need to know about the special keys, what they unlock and how many you need to access the treasures within.

As you progress through AC Origins’ story you are eventually introduced to a deadly group of bounty hunters called Phylakes. These deadly opponents roam Egypt attempting to claim a bounty placed on your head. When you first defeat one of these bounty hunters you are given a quest, Phylakes Prey. This quest has a level requirement of level 40 but you are able to do much of it prior to reaching level 40.

Certain members of the Phylakes also drop Legendary Weapons and a special key, the Ornamented Key. There are 10 total Phylakes around Egypt and 3 of them drop an Ornamented Key.

You require 4 keys in total. The final key is part of another quest at the end of the Phylakes quest chain. Once you have all 4 keys you get a new objective to unlock a chest lost at sea. This is what the Ornamented Key unlocks in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Your reward? The awesome Black Hood Legendary outfit.

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