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Our Top 10 Best Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

With over 134 incredible Sujimon to collect, we’ve highlighted Our Top 10 Best Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, making our selection based on the most powerful Sujimon in the game, and, well, honestly, which ones look the coolest.

Our Top 10 Best Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

In the article below we highlight our strongest Sujimon and those that earned a special place in our hearts. Pulling out that clutch hit or a surprise evolution. We won’t be including some of the end-game Sujimon as we don’t want to spoil the surprises.


Pleatherface was the first truly dangerous Sujimon that we recruited. A little on the slow side but strong defensive and offensive stats make it the perfect Sujimon to stand in the center of your squad and tear your enemies to shreds. Unfortunately, no special attack, but his primary chainsaw ability is a 4 star rated attack and finishes most enemies in a shot or two. Pleatherface can be encountered in the game world or evolved from Lumber Jackass.


An image showing the stats and abilities of Sujimon Strummageddon
Honestly, Strummageddon is a little lacking. His attack is awful and his defense is comical. However, if you’re looking for someone to increase your teams overall speed, he’s the perfect support Sujimon to sit on the wings of your main team. Not only is he quick, his special ability heals the entire party, making him the perfect ally for long battles or difficult gym encounters. Is the final evolution in the Bummer Strummer chain or can be obtained from Gacha.

Top Dog

An image showing the stats and abilities of Sujimon Top Dog
This was our very first pulled Sujimon that was a Shadow type. Shadow is a powerful option as your main attacking force as it doesn’t weak hit against anything, another perfect addition as your main hitter. Top Dogs abilities don’t really set it apart from others on this list, but the impressive model and first-time pull memory, we couldn’t pass him up.

Championship Wrecker

An image showing the stats and abilities of Championship Wrecker
Another on our list more for the sentimental style. After obtaining Crazy Heel in a Gacha, we worked tirelessly to bring him to his full potential. It took some time before he was ready but eventually he evolved into Monster Heel and then, before we even knew Sujimon could evolve twice, it turned into this monster, Championship Wrecker. As huge wrestling fans, we’re big on this guys Blaze special ability.

Suji Fruit

An image showing the stats and abilities of Suji Fruit
Suji Fruit was our very first legendary encounter. After defeating him and his cronies on the streets, a lucky Gacha pull summoned our first legendary Sujimon. Honestly, both his offense and defense were quite disappointing, and his basic ability and special move didn’t do squat. However, he’s probably one of the fastest Sujimon in the entire game. Adding this speedy fella to our top squad took our speed over 550, often getting multiple turns before our enemies had time to act.

Dojo Master

A map showing the skills and abilities of Sujimon Dojo Master
What started as a Dojo Dumbass before growing into Dojo Disgrace, and finally becoming Dojo Master, this was another awesome series of surprise evolutions that really captured the moment. Unfortunately, relatively easy to replace in terms of a Sujimon lineup, but if you’re looking for a thematic addition to the starting three, this guy is the perfect fit.

Munanugget Messiah

An image showing the stats and abilities of Sujimon Munanugget Messiah
Honestly, we didn’t get a lot of use out of Munanugget Messiah. We were quite late into the Sujimon League experience by the time he made an appearance, so what’s he doing on this list? Whenever I try to explain Yakuza games to non Yakuza players, I always struggle to capture the fantastically ridiculous nature of the experience. Now, however, explaining that I’m an ex-Yakuza trying to help retired Yakuza into work while sidelining as a Pokemon master, fighting with a man in a gold suit dressed as a chicken, well, that helps.


An image showing the stats and abilities of Extermination-kun
This guy… One of the more challenging boss battles in Honolulu at the start of the game, this monstrous machine stands on a small island in the middle of the roads, waiting for unsuspecting passer-bys. His main attack is one of the strongest you’ll find in the earlier stages of the game and he’s even used in the toughest challenges the Sujimon League has to offer. If you come by a Misdemeanor Weiner or Bad Cop, they are well worth evolving into this guy.


An image showing the skills and abilities of Sujimon Sodachi
The main man, Sodachi. You may sleep on this guy. He’s not overly strong at the start of the game, despite high attack and a very good special ability, and you may be distracted by shinier and bigger Sujimon, but don’t get distracted. Just like the Besaid Aurochs, stick with this guy through to the end and he’s almost guaranteed to take a spot in your party.

Kiwami Red

An image showing the skills and abilities of Sujimon Kiwami Red
Avoiding serious spoilers by making another choice, Kiwami Red has to take our top spot. A legendary Blaze Sujimon we obtained in a Gacha, this fiery fella was enough to take down almost the entire Sujimon League solo. Strong attack and defense, decent speed, and a fantastic attacking ability make Kiwami Red a fantastic pick for any Sujimon team.

Have any awesome Sujimon finds to share? Post a comment below or, even better, send me a pic on Twitter!

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