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Where To Find The Best Mining Pals (Level 2 & 3) In Palworld

Gathering resources quicker is a huge advantage in Palworld and ore is one of the most used resources in the entire game. In this guide, we show you Where To Find The Best Mining Pals (Level 2 & 3) in Palworld so you can setup your mining operation and have all the ore you’ll ever need.

Where To Find The Best Mining Pals (Level 2 & 3) In Palworld

We’ve found the best level 2 and level 3 Mining Pals in the location shown below in the northwest corner of the map:

Note that this is not an early in-game thing.

The level 3 Pals in particular are especially good, because that is all that they do. The beach in this area is mostly okay. Note that going a bit further in will turn into heat if it is daytime, so you will need at least level 1 heat protection. Also, it will get cold at nighttime, so you will need level 1 cold protection.

What you are looking for in particular are two Pals: Digtoise and Dumud.

Dumud is okay, as he is a level 2 mining Pal. However, Digtoise should be your primary target; he is very good, but he does eat quite a bit.

So, in summary:

  • The best level 2 and level 3 Mining Pals in the northwest corner of the map.
  • What you are looking for in particular are two Pals: Digtoise and Dumud.

Palworld FAQ

Can You Level Up A Pal’s Mining In Palworld?

Yes, you can increase any Pal’s Work Suitability stats to a maximum of 1 level increase. For example, a Digtoise starts with level 3 Mining, one of the best early game miners you can find in Palworld. Using the Pal Condensing machine, you can feed 116 Digtoise to that Digtoise and all of its Work Suitability Skills will raise by 1 level. This works on every Pal in the game. Which means if you can find a Pal with a level 4 Work Suitability skill, it can eventually be raised to level 5. This is currently the highest level for any Work Suitability skill in the game.

Do Pals Evolve In Palworld?

The clear comparisons between Pokemon and Palworld had thousands of players immediately asking the question, can Pals evolve? The simple answer is, no, they cannot. They can however increase in power through the learning of new moves or improving their Work Suitability stats with the condenser machine.

Can You Play Palworld For Free?

Palworld is available for “free” via Microsoft’s Game Pass. This is a premium subscription feature that includes, among other things, a robust library of games that you can play freely across both PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass.

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