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Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Big Buzzy Beetle Boss Guide

Big Buzzy Beetle is the boss that is towards the end of 1-4. After completing the Windmill Puzzle and grabbing the green pipe scrape he will pop into frame. This Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide will go over suggested stickers to use against Big Buzzy Beetle and will be your Big Buzzy Beetle Boss Guide. He can be a little difficult if you don’t know which items to use to take down his health, but hopefully this guide will help. Lets get started!

Defeating Big Buzzy Beetle

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide Big Buzzy Beetle Boss Guide

What You Need For Big Buzzy Beetle:

  • Stomp Stickers
  • Hammer Stickers
  • A Good Amount of Coins (300-600 recommended to be safe)
  • Optional: Special Attack Scissors Sticker

The key to this battle is having the right stickers for taking out Buzzy Beetle. The first thing to remember is that being a Buzzy Beetle they are pretty much completely resistant to fire. Using fire hammers, fire flowers or fire anything else will leave you with no damage. Anything fire that is in your sticker bank is useless for this battle so make sure not to have a full stack of fire items going into this boss fight.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide Big Buzzy Beetle Boss Guide 2Another thing you will notice is that you can not directly hit Big Buzzy Beetle with just one attack except for special stickers. I had a scissors large sticker that took down at least 20 points of the bosses health. However don’t attack other than that with one sticker. After frustratingly using a ton of stickers to try to figure out what is the best I learned this the hard way. Come into the battle with a lot of coins.

The coins are for battle spins. If you use battle spins in Paper Mario Sticker Star you get more stickers per turn and that is key for this fight. You have to use one item to flip the Big Buzzy Beetle over and then use a second item to actually attack him. If you have a lot of coins it is just worth it to do the special spin that guarantee you to have at least 2 stickers in that turn. It can be pricey quickly though so make sure not to waste turns with fire items. Use hammers and stomp stickers in succession and you will be in the clear. Take out all 40 HP of Big Buzzy Beetle and you will be able to move on to 1-5.


  1. Hey buddy, I’m not sure you’ve gotten there yet, but how do you get past the bowling puzzle on world 3-4 (Strike Lake)? I’ve tried everything, from things that make sense (Jackhammer, Billiards Ball) to things that don’t (Sponge, Soda). You wouldn’t happen to know how to get past that part, would you?

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