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Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Finding All The Toads Guide

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One of the very first things you need to do in Paper Mario Sticker Star is find all the Toads in town. They are needed to help you unravel an area so you can progress through the game. This location guide will help you find them in no time at all! Let’s get started!

Toad Locations

Paper Mario Sticker Star Toad Location Guide

The first Toad you will get is pasted upside down against the wall by the Sticker Fest stage. Walk up to him and peel him. He will give you a hammer. After that hit the sign also against the Sticker Fest stage to find a Toad behind the sign. Peel him off.

Walk down and peel the boot off the Toad. Keep heading down and around the orange bench to find a Toad pinned to a box. Peel him of the box from the side and up top. Keep heading around and peel the ground below the Toad hanging off the flags. A Kiosk will pop up. jump on the Kiosk and Peel the Toad off. From there jump down and onto the crates to peel down the last Toad in the area.

Smash the block at the exit to let these Toads out. Once you enter the town you can see a Toad behind a bush. Jump over the fence and hammer the bush to get the Toad. Use the hammer near the bush outside the fence to knock it over and reveal another Toad. Head all the way to the end of the town to see a small thing jumping. Jump under the piece of paper until it becomes a Toad. Check behind the purple door building and the red door building for another area. Back there you will find a Toad. Lastly under the rug of the red door house there is a Toad. Hammer near the rug to get him.

Head into the red door and check the picture that sticks out. A bunch of Toads will pour out. In the purple door house you need to hit the trashcan with your hammer. A Toad will fall out. Last you need to check the blue door building. In the cabinet with all the papers you will find a ton more Toads.

After that head to the plaza and watch them un-burrito it. Now you can shop and move on with the game!

That will end the Paper Mario Sticker Star Toad Location Guide. Check back soon for more Paper Mario guides!

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