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Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Hp-up Heart Locations

Sticker Star Guide

Unlike previous Paper Mario games Sticker Star doesn’t have experience and levels. Instead you need to find Hp-Up hearts scattered throughout the game. This guide will help you find them as you play. So let’s get started!

HP-Up Locations

Fire Flowers The Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Guide is a work in progress. If you know one I missed leave a comment and you will receive credit.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Location 1 – In World 1-2 disable the fan so you can cross through the flower garden. Head into the garden to see a Toad crying. He lost all his fire flowers in the wind. Enter paper mode with Y and place down any 3 flower powers. I did two normal and a shiny and he gives you two each for each flower you plant. Basically you want to plant three shiny flowers if you can because then you get 6 in return. After you plant the flowers the Toad will give you the hp up.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Location 2 – Once you beat the Big Buzzy Beetle you get the heart. Our guide is up for the battle as well.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Location 3 – Once you get to the end of level 2-1 you have to climb a pyramid to get the star and beat the level. Drop down the left path and you will slide down to a hp up. Jump the gap and grab it.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Location 4 – At the end of world 2-2 you will be on top of the Yoshi sphinx. Instead of grabbing the star drop of the edge in front of you. This will make you fall right next to the hp up.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Location 5 – In world 2-3 you will go down some stairs to a underground part with sand waterfalls. Go right and drop down the first sand waterfall. From there go to the next sand waterfall on the right and drop down again. You will be at a door. Open the door and check the third tomb for a hp +5 up.

Paper Mario Stick Star World 4 Hp-Up Heart Locations – Thanks to Spencer for the help.

In world 4-3, after you complete this level and level 4-5, you go back to 4-3 and talk to the cut out and you will get one after sitting down.

Also in world 4-1, on the second ice part, on the right, you can find the HP up.

Also in world 4-3, use secret door on the second story to get another.

That will end the Paper Mario Sticker Star Hp-Up Heart Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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